Cammed Silverado 25 to 100 with open y pipe

bored after installing my headers. it's with open y pipe and i gun it from 25 and go to 100 then let off. i have a 216/220 cam and a nelson tune

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red and ready
60 roll

2000 silverado 5.3 z06/LS6 cam sweet video
A video of a 2000 Silverado. Good video. Please comment

Jelacy rides in 1000hp Silverado Truck
During another TRC photo/video shoot we took Jelacy for a ride in a few of the cars at the shoot. This was the first of a few different rides we took her on. Stay tuned for a full album of pictures on the site and more videos! Connect to Jelacy at: TWITTER @JELACYRAMIREZ INSTAGRAM:JELACYJAY

0-118 Extended cab Silverado
03 5.3L Silverado ECSB. 216/220 cam, LTs, Borla Xr1, 3000 stall, 4.10 gears, Truetrac locker, Custom Operating system 3 via EFI LIVE. Speed Density tune