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Anton's MK2 | #DOPENESS1 |
We would like to tell you a story about Anton and his never-ending VW Golf MK2 project. His friends say that Anton has always been passionate about his ride, it’s been a constant motive to get his VAG even lower, wider and crazier. Article:

GLidarn - Stance Golf Mk2 [4K]
Enjoy some slow and static sunday rollin in Sweden. Sony A7s - Shogun - Ronin M - Phantom 3 Thanks to: Proud owner of the car - Josef Dagström Studio Ditttmer for letting me borrow the gear. Ermin for lettin me sit in hes Skyline trunk with the Ronin M. Robert Karlsson for support. DEFINED

Dan Malley's bagged mk2 golf
All credit goes to blackout media for the filming

No F*cks Given MX5 Engined, Turboed, RWD, MK2 Golf Review!!!
VW MK2 Golf 1.6 Litre Engine From A MX5 KO3 turbo Custom Prop Shaft 1.8 MX5 LSD Safety Devices Roll Cage Hydraulic Handbrake 15" Rota Grid Drift Wheels Custom Intercooler Custom Digital Gauges - Subscribe For More Car Stuff - My Clothing Company - Follow Me On Instagram; @Jamie_FYD - Follow Me On SnapChat; @Jamie_FYD - Follow Me On Twitter; @Jamie_FYD - Get A Competitive Insurance Quote Using My Code D1652 TRACK; Artwork - Phibes CARO EMERALD - @caroemerald Caro Emerald -