Crower Cam install 1968 GTO

1968 GTO. 1969 428. Crower 60244 Cam install. 1st run at Bandimere Speedway. Not tuned well. This clip shows the difference between the old Comp Cam and the new Crower Racing Cam.

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2801 Summit Cam In A 68' Pontiac 400

Pontiac 455 Crower Camshaft 60210
Stock pontiac 455 with Crower camshaft 60210 and crower vslve springs. Its obviously wsy too big of a camshaft for the stock 8.5 compression ratio but it runs with thr timing advanced to 25 degrees.

65GTO, 428, 4 spd, 3:55 Posi
First burnout is me easing into the throttle and shifting to 2'nd. Second burnout is me hitting 2'nd gear and stabbing the throttle, and leaving in 2'nd gear. Mild 428 with forged internals, a Lunati VooDoo cam[227/233 @ .050", hydraulic flat tappet], roller rockers and a Jeff Koerner built 950 HP Holley, flowing around 960 CFM, on top of a Torquer II intake. Un-ported # 62 heads. I built the engine at Koerner Racing Engines.

Pontiac GTO VS Ferrari 612 Scaglietti : MUSCLE VS EXOTIC
Heres a little late night drag in the 714. SUBSCRIBE TO SUPPORT - We love adrenaline filled activities (; CHECK OUT @Fvckyourteam on instagram for CAR / BIKE / ACTION CONTENT STREET RACING IS DANGEROUS CLOSED COURSE Be Safe, and make sure to respect the area your at