1983 GP 500cc Motocross St. Anthonis NL Hakan Carlqvist New World Champion

By Classic Motocross NL 21.08.1983 Grand Prix 500cc. Last race of the year with title chances for the Belgian André Malherbe (Honda) and the Swede Hakan Carlqvist (Yamaha). Malherbe wins the Grand Prix, but the nervous Carlqvist will be the New World Champion with 7 points difference. Leading roles further for the Englishman Graham Noyce (Honda), and the Belgian André Vromans (Suzuki) and the Dutchman Gerard Rond (on an older Works Suzuki), who has his best race ever in the GP 500cc. And more than 12 minutes broadcasting time on Television at Studio Sport for Motocross, times were went! Or look at http://www.facebook.com/classic.motocrossnl

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