mx6lx spinning every gear

mx6 lx spin monster, need some tires, the car usually spin all 5 gears, low Boost na motor, 1st 2nd 3rd

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Turbo Integra Spinning All The Way To 4th Gear !

BOTH ON STOCK MOTOR ON THE SAME Boost LEVEL Low Boost setting on the probe high Boost setting on the mx6 BOTH ON HOLSET HX35 turbo E85 FUEL PROBE GT ON G SERIES TRANNY MX6GT ON H SERIES TRANNY

Zoom Zoom (W/ the MX-6)
Zooming around with a Mx-6.. slides, drifts, cornering, smoke and whatnot.

mx6gt high boost vs mx6lx low boost
mx6gt on high Boost setting 50 trim at 23 psi 660 injectors walbro 255hp e85 fcon ecu mx6lx low Boost setting 880cc injectors 2 walbro 255hp pump 18psi e85 fcon ecu Bad 3rd gear syncro Both on stock motor