mx6lx spinning every gear

mx6 lx spin monster, need some tires, the car usually spin all 5 gears, low Boost na motor, 1st 2nd 3rd

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Ebay Rice Turbo
We did this purely for lulzzz. Don't get mad bby get glad.

BOTH ON STOCK MOTOR ON THE SAME Boost LEVEL Low Boost setting on the probe high Boost setting on the mx6 BOTH ON HOLSET HX35 turbo E85 FUEL PROBE GT ON G SERIES TRANNY MX6GT ON H SERIES TRANNY

Ms3 vs EVO X VS 5.0 VS MS3
GTX3076R MS3 BNR stage 4 MS3 Bolt-on /Tune 5.0 Bolt-on /Tune EvoX

Zoom Zoom (W/ the MX-6)
Zooming around with a Mx-6.. slides, drifts, cornering, smoke and whatnot.