Difference between 14 second and 10 second car drag racing

Difference between 14 second and 10 second car drag racing

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GoPro Rear View in a 10 second Chevy II Nova drag car

In-car drag race, 10 second Camaro
In-car clip of my racing my 1986 Camaro drag car (sold). Video is from 2005, just digging through some old videos since I went to the track today. Video was from a hot day, as you can tell from the blazing sun. My apologizes for the monster hood, makes seeing the track hard to see... Still gives you a good perspective.

The Difference between a 10 Second Car and a 14 Second Car
Berj's Boss 302 Mustang Vs Scott's 97 Mustang GT

Thunderchicken In Car Second 10 second pass, raw footage, Cablebandit's 9 second TA in front of me
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