MAJOR Log Splitters

We manufacture and supply a range of PTO driven and electric log splitters. Log splitters are a safe and effort-free alternative to chopping up wood with a traditional axe. There is a horizontal and vertical PTO driven log splitter. The MAJOR electric log splitter can be adjusted and used both horizontally and vertically. The PTO driven log splitters have 14 tonne pressure. The electric log splitter has 10 tonne pressure.

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Timberwolf Log Splitters
Timberwolf Log Splitters are built in the USA to be rugged, dependable and last a lifetime, making them the Pro's Choice®. Visit for more info.

OREGON Log Splitters - 6-ton, 22-ton and 28-ton models
OREGON offers a complete line of hydraulic log splitters. With 6-ton, 22-ton and 28-ton models, there's a unit for everyone from homeowners to commerical users. Visit for more information.

'Murica Log Splitter - Fastest Way to split wood!
2006 Pontiac GTO turned into a Log Splitter thanks to The Stickler!

How to build a Homemade Log Splitter - The Lighthouse Lady
How to build a Homemade Log Splitter - The Lighthouse Lady How to make a homemade log splitter and save money. Used a lot of items on the farm to make this homemade log splitter. Check it out. The Lighthouse Lady Channel