MAJOR Log Splitters

We manufacture and supply a range of PTO driven and electric log splitters. Log splitters are a safe and effort-free alternative to chopping up wood with a traditional axe. There is a horizontal and vertical PTO driven log splitter. The MAJOR electric log splitter can be adjusted and used both horizontally and vertically. The PTO driven log splitters have 14 tonne pressure. The electric log splitter has 10 tonne pressure.

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ŁUPARKA WOMBAT : DUAL LOG SPLITTER powered by tractor or electric motor 400V.wmv
MODEL WOMBAT ; Max.Splitting force: 12 Ton; Power Type: DUAL MACHINE powered by Tractor-PTO and electro motor 400V; Automatic Cylinder Return: Yes Max splitting length: 1150mm

harbor freight 20 ton Log Splitter #61594
Order this in June 2014 on sale got it Oct. 30, 2014. Worth the wait. Save about half compared to the ones the in stores and online. Got a rhythm down. Yes this will do bigger logs, I will upload when I start doing some more.

A 1 Horse Power Log Splitter
This was filmed at Field Day of the Past. The horse walks on a treadmill same as one for a person, only slightly larger. As he walks the energy is stored in a flywheel. Perfect for a log splitter. After it splits a log he spin's it back up for the next one. Address for this event is

Sealey LSH180V Hand Operated Vertical Log Splitter
Demonstration of how this superb log splitter can save you a lot of work and time by allowing effortless splitting of logs. Call Sealey on 01284 757500 or visit for more information.