MAJOR Log Splitters

We manufacture and supply a range of PTO driven and electric log splitters. Log splitters are a safe and effort-free alternative to chopping up wood with a traditional axe. There is a horizontal and vertical PTO driven log splitter. The MAJOR electric log splitter can be adjusted and used both horizontally and vertically. The PTO driven log splitters have 14 tonne pressure. The electric log splitter has 10 tonne pressure.

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logsplitter splits 12" oak with 5 h.p. engine log has 9 knots in it
log splitter gets reassignment surgery I cut apart my home built log splitter and transformed it into a 3000 p.s.i. hydraulic power unit now I can use it on my can crusher, log splitter, and I recently bought a 3000 p.s.i. 24 h.p. hydraulic motor

Hydraulic Log Splitter
Harrows are us Demonstrate their 10 Ton Log Splitter

Bell's Super Log Splitter The Bell's Super Log Splitter allows you to split HUGE logs and cut them down to a manageable size. A small easy to use remote control allows you to split logs from a distance. If this large Wood Splitter is for you give us a call toll free at 1-888-995-1965 * Sturdy Beam Frame * 76 Ton Splitting Force * 4 Way Splitting Wedge * Splits log up to 40” in diameter and 8’ long * Wireless remote control * Connects right to a Bell’s Processor so no extra engines required.

Our Fordson Major with Hiab and Log Splitter
Heres a quick video i filmed today showing our other fordson major with a hydrolic hiab on the back and a spiral log slplitter on the side. The hiab can lift a fair weight, i will get a video of it lifting soon. The only down fall with it is that the front end sometimes lifts up even though there is an anvil on the front of the tractor. The log splitter works well, allthough it is pretty dangerous, its quite scary using it, it sometimes grabs the log and spins it around, it fucking kills if it knocks you on the knuckles. Note: You should watch this in high quality otherwise it looks terrible. Thanks for watching!