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Fuji speedway -my best 2'06"27 with subaru impreza STi

i have enjoied driving in fuji speedway. it is bit dangerous driving in the evening =) location : fuji speedway racing cource date : 2009-Nov-23 temp : 14 degree condition : dry tire : yokohama A050 brake pad : PMU777/999 best time : 2'06"27


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Black Impreza Sti at Sepang
Forget all ur xxxxing probs of the week!!

GDB-E型でFSW!(#゜Д゜)<20100308 NS-4 B枠
本日の状態は、「曇り・気温6℃・台数10台前後」と タイム出すには絶好の条件が揃いました! 40分枠だったのですが、ほとんど絡むことなく走れて 楽しかったです(・ω・)b そして自己ベスト更新。 BEST:2分3秒34 ・・・ベストラップ中にカメラがもげた!ヽ(;´Д`)ノ ほぼ車高調だけの仕様ですが、インプレッサ早いですね ~(・ω・)

BMW E36 M3B on FSW(Fuji Speedway)
This was a first time for me to drive on Fuji, after reconstruction.

Simon's NSX at Fuji Speedway
Simon's Honda NSX at NUTEC KSP trackday Fuji Speedway FISCO on 16th April 2008 follows Papa's NSX Type S

22Bオーナーズのオフ会での22Bの高速編隊走行です (法定速度は守られております)トンネル内に現れる クシーガSTIはマリオ高野氏運転です(笑)

WinSSM and Fuji Speed Way - SUBARU Impreza WRX STI S204 / インプレッサ S204 富士 WinSSM版
FSW 1919走行会において、WinSSMを用いた動画を作成しました 珍場名、超接近戦など、素人丸出し。2分ジャストのお け映像付き。 This Movie was created by WinSSM. Location is Fuji Speed Way, Japan. WinSSM is the great free software for SUBARU Impreza/Legacy. Check http://ssm.nextfoods.jp/

Fuji Speedway with WinSSM and SUBARU Impreza WRX STI S204 : 2009/07/01
Fuji Speedway with WinSSM and SUBARU Impreza S204 : 2009/07/01 Recording Environment: ThinkPad X61 LifeCam VX-7000 Mona-Mona Cable for SUBARU Impreza Windows Vista Business Edition WinSSM V1.3 WinSSM V2.0

Fully tuned Peugeot 206 cc, over 300hp, fuji speedway 2005
Fully tuned Peugeot 206 cc, over 300hp, fuji speedway 2005. PS2,Samsung LE-32s86,Lumix dmc-fx35.

インプレッサS204+WinSSM ローアングル 富士SW / Impreza S204 and WinSSM
WinSSMとWebカメラを組み合わせた車載映像です。 車両はSUBARU Impreza S204。Web Camera をボンネットに張り付けて撮影しました。カメラの性能 がいまいちなので、映像は鮮明ではありませんが、面白 い映像がとれました。 WinSSMを開発されて Yousuke FURUSAWAさんに感謝です。 http://ssm.nextfoods.jp/ On Board Movie by WinSSM + Web Camera. CAR: SUBARU Impreza S204 (GDB-F) Circut: Fuji Speed Way, Japan (F1 course) Software: WinSSM ( http://ssm.nextfoods.jp/ ) PC: Lenove X301 I set the Web Camera at Front Bumper.

Fuji Speedway - Dry subaru STi
Two weeks later, this truck will be used by F1 racing.i have checked it =)

Fuji Speedway R35GTR
2008.09.28 R35GTR BS/RE070R 1'57.371

Audi R8 at Fuji Speedway with Allan McNish
Ride along in the Audi R8 as former F1 driver and LeMans champion Allan McNish takes us around the track, explaining all the while how to drive Fuji Speedway, and the merits of Audi's awesome new supercar at the 2008 "Audi Driving Experience" in Japan.

S204 Incar track time
My 2006 STi S204 #412/600 Freshly built from a damaged wreck ex-japan. First time with the car out on the track, playing with suspension settings.

ocean 2 ocean - GC8 impreza onboard
On a low side of a far east country... Camera: GoPro Motorsports HERO Wide Car: F-GC8 STi Ver.VI Type R Dumper: OHLINS PCV Brake Pads: Endless MX72(f/r) Wheels: OZ Racing Tyres: ADVAN S-DRIVE 215/45/R17

WRX STI in Fuji Speedway Dry - best 2'09"87
i have enjoied driving in fuji speedway. location : fuji speedway racing cource date : 2008-mar-08 temp : 10 degree condition : dry tire : yokohama advan neova ad07 brake pad : dixcel z

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Mike McGinnis, Engine: 04 US STi, Turbos: GT35R Tires: Hoosier DOT legal

2008 Subaru Impreza STi: 10.540 @ 142.000
Auto Master AMR, Engine: AMR PS25 Shortblock (2.5L), Turbos: AMR T900R Rotated Turbo Kit

2006 Subaru Impreza STi: 10.540 @ 143.300
Auto Master AMR, Engine: AMR Race Engine, Turbos: AMR Rotated Turbo Kit

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2004 Subaru Impreza STI: 10.730 @ 129.970
andy dorans jr., Engine: ej257, Turbos: gt35r .82 Tires: falken azenis rt 615 225/40/18

2002 Subaru Impreza WRX: 10.762 @ 133.740
Element Tuning, Engine: 2.5 STI Rods Pistons, Turbos: Element GT65 Tires: Toyo RA 1 235/40-17


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