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Sean Renteria Pro Street 65 Plymouth Valiant

Sean Renteria in his 1965 4 door Plymouth Valiant. This was on April 17th , 2011 at LVMS. Sean spun out on launch but I had to post this because it is such a Geat looking car. First look at this car all you can say is "WOW"!


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Sean Renteria Pro-Mod runs SCSN 7 Nov 17-20
(click show more for links to runs) November 17-20, 2011-Las Vegas Motor Speedway-The Strip, Street Car SuperNationals VII. Sean Renteria's Pro-Mod '65 4 door Valiant, competes in the Pro-Street series where he Qualifyied at # 13 spot with a 6.077. #12 qualifier, Clinton Hairston, defeated him in round 3 of eliminations. This video has 8 runs from the event. 00:01 Test & Tune (Nov 17th) 01:29 Quickest Pass Challenge Renteria-Toni Moretto (Nov 17th) 02:35 Qualify Rnd 1 Renteria-Steve Goddard (Nov 18th) 03:09 Qualify Rnd 2 Renteria-Bob Moore (Nove 18th) 03:46 Qualify Rnd 3 Renteria-Mike Bowman (Nov 19th) 04:21 Eliminations Rnd 1 Renteria-Randy Kay (Nov 20th) 05:21 Eliminations Rnd 2 Renteria-Shannon Jenkins (Nov 20th) 06:27 Eliminations Rnd 3 Renteria-Clinton Hairston (Nov 20th)

Marc Meadors Pure Hell 2 Pro Street
Marc Meadors 69 Camaro "Pure Hell 2" on a Solo run at LVMS the Strip April 17, 2011. Carbon fiber body on a double frame rail chrome molley chassis powered by a 450 BAE Hemi blistered the track on the run. GoodGuys Racing

Sean Renteria runs 2012 personal best of 5.92 against Jose Gonzalez
Sunday Nov 18, 2012 Street Car SuperNationals 8. Renteria Bros. & Dad...Sean Renteria's 65 Valiant Pro Mod loses to Joses Gonzalez in Round 3 of eliminations but sets a personal best record of 5.92 et for his unique 4 door car. Special "Thanks" to "Resolution Racing Services" for use of their Track side video footage.

Semi Trucks Drag Racing | Дальнобой наваливает №1

Renteria Brothers 1964 Valiant
Renteria Brothers Valiant at the 2008 March Meet in Bakersfeild

Plymouth Cuda 1/4 mile CRASH at Sparta
Went to St Thomas dragway was video taping some car's got this crash. taping was a bit shaky missed the impact but can still see the car flip. St Thomas dragway. Test and Tune May 5 2012 SUBSCRIBE! MORE VIDEOS TO COME!

Polar Raceway 1984 part 2
Polar Raceway in Palmer, Alaska...now Alaska Raceway Park. This 25 minute vid is part 2 of an event from 1984. The video was converted from VHS tapes created by an unknown spectator. Props to them for creating a history from 1983 through 1991. Hot Links 0:45 Steve Bell & Carman Kellog 0:58 Rick Nissen Camaro 01:09 Roy Toy 01:16 KC Hooks Cougar 01:57 Stan Barney “Grenade” & Larry Woodke 02:46 Karen Nelson Duster/Demon 03:07 Ernie Nitifer 04:59 Bill Livingston “Daddy’s Car” 07:33 Bob Richardson “Something Special” 13:15 Ernie Nitifer & Jimmy Moore 14:01 Ken Sidel” Bounty Hunter” & KC Hooks 14:55 Ted queen”Pure Poison’ & Greg Huffman 16:00 Chip Strong Altered & Bill Livingston “Daddy’s Car” 16:46 Stan Barney “Grenade” & Larry Woodke 17:28 Bob Richardson “Something Special” 17:44 Rick Nissen Camaro& Rick Pelki Charger 19:34 Karen Nelson Duster/Demon 19:48 Steve Bell Falcon 22:00 Bill Johnson GTO Top Eliminators 1:32 Clarence LaMay 03:20 Orville Moore “Big O” BB/FC 06:11 John Childs “American Way” 07:58 Orville Moore “Big O” BB/FC 08:32 Randy Harris “Glacier Shaker” BB/FC & Clarence LaMay dragster 09:53 John Childs “American Way” dragster & J. Gunnison dragster 22:19 Bob Lopetrone Blown Vega 23:23 Orville Moore “Big O” BB/FC & Clarence LaMay dragster Bikes 12:14 Squeaks O’Connor & Dave Stacey 12:38 Ron Webb 22:49 Squeaks O’Connor

Polar Raceway 1984 part 1
Polar Raceway in Palmer, Alaska...now Alaska Raceway Park. This 30 minute vid has an event from 1984. The video was converted from VHS tapes created by an unknown spectator. Props to them for creating over 6 hours of history from 1983 through 1991. Hot Links- Top Eliminators: 3:05 Derek Snelson 5:45 Orville Moore BB/FC 9:20 Randy Harris "Glacier Shaker" 10:54 Bob Lopetrone 11:53 Clarence LaMay 12:22 Derek Snelson & John Childs 12:57 Orville Moore "Big O " & Randy Harris "Glacier Shaker" 14:02 Darrel Coker 19:07 Bob Lopetrone 20:15 Orville Moore 28:07 Orville Moore & Derek Snelson Bikes: 1:32 Dave Stacey 3:35 Carmen Kellog & Dave Stacey 11:13 Squeaks O'Connor & Dave Stacey 14:31 Squeaks O'Connor 14:52 Ron Webb & Jimmy Trueblood 22:03 Ron Webb 22:20 Squeaks O'Connor & Dave Stacey 12:21 American Way dragster

Plymouth Valiant vs Bmw 325 turbo
Artukainen Radalle.com 28.5

Project Valiant: AlterKtion Suspension Installation
Popular Hot Rodding magazine covers how to install a Reilly Motorsports AlterKtion front suspension in a 1968 Plymouth Valiant. Ron Aschtgen of Outlaw Motorsports in Riverside, CA turns the wrenches!

10 Wheelstands with absolutely BRUTAL landings. Which do you think did the most damage?

2000 Horsepower 4-Door Plymouth Valiant
BangShift.com presents the Renteria Brothers and Dad Racing Team. Their 1965 Plymouth Valiant 4-door is the quickest and fastest Valiant in history. With a best run of 6.62 seconds at over 211-MPH, this black beauty scoots. For a full feature including photos and text, visit www.bangshift.com.

1961 Plymouth Valiant For Sale (SOLD!) motorlandamerica.com
To learn more about this classic vehicle and other cars, trucks and motorcycle in our inventory, go to motorlandamerica.com. Our showroom is open six days per week: 2 Main Street, Suite 37-101 (at North Dam Mill) Biddeford, Maine 04005 www.motorlandamerica.com Phone 2077106699 email: info@motorlandamerica.com

Street Legal 1968 Plymouth 900 HP 572CI EFI Hemi GTX - Ride Along & Burnout
Ken Jansen's 1968 HEMI GTX - Full bio here: http://www.tigertool.com/gtx

1968 Plymouth Valiant--Weekend Rehab
We transform a beater Craigslist car over a weekend into a killer car show cruiser--for only $4,100 including the cost of the car.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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