XR6T & FPV Ute cleaning out the cobwebs.

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FPV FG F6 Stage III Kit Installation
This is a video that contains the installation of the Autotech Stage III Kit on the FPV FG F6 Sedan. For any enquires please do not hesitate in contacting Autotech Engineering on 02 9897 1378 or Email sales@autotechengineering.com.au Web www.autotechengineering.com.au

R1 vs Ford FPV Falcon F6
Please read the description first. Before you watch the video I just want to say I never race on public roads, This guy clearly wanted it and he got what he deserved which is losing to my R1 :) Also I just want to say sorry for the audio as my microphone didn't work -.- You can even see my front tire lift at 3:01 :o I guess he thought he could really beat me... Trollface.

Fpv Typhoon vs Hsv R8
F6 typhoon vs HSV r8. This is for all you V8 lovers... ;) Friday cruise night...!

2005 Ford Falcon XR6T Turbo Ute Exhaust - Venom Middle Muffler Delete
Video showcasing the Exhaust note on my 2005 XR6T ute, Exhaust is stock until after the cats, where it then goes into 2.5" Venom straight pipes (middle muffler delete), into the rear muffler section of the Venom 2.5" cutback Exhaust with 3" tips. *No speed limits were broken in this video*