XR6T & FPV Ute cleaning out the cobwebs.

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FPV FG F6 Stage III Kit Installation
This is a video that contains the installation of the Autotech Stage III Kit on the FPV FG F6 Sedan. For any enquires please do not hesitate in contacting Autotech Engineering on 02 9897 1378 or Email sales@autotechengineering.com.au Web www.autotechengineering.com.au

XR6 Turbo Burnout
This is my XR6 turbo ute doing a burnout on my last day at my old work. Just a little one nothing to big

FG XR6T Ute Acceleration test
~40 - 140. traction control isnt strong enogh in these (yellow light on the left)

Xr6t and XREATR ve ss ute
He was playin with the throttle next to me..so I slowd down to 100ks..chukd it in 2nd and skated past him lol