Nissan A14 engine smooth run.

Join Maker Studios! Click here to see if your channel qualifies for RPM Network/Maker Studios: Nissan A14 engine from Nissan Vanette minivan. Gearbox 4-speed manual, top speed 140 Km/h.

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70's Datsun quick Carb clean
Car kept dying out due to a dirty Carb, before we spend the money to get it rebuild we decided to try a $3 quick fix with carburetor cleaner...I doesn't always work but its worth a try.

A15 engine and its carburetor fast idle system
Работа системы принудительного холостого хода при включении кондиционера на микроавтобусе Nissan Vanette.

A14 cold start
Starting my Datsun 14 from cold

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