1966 Mustang Low 13 second 1/4 mile @ 101+ MPH


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1966 Mustang fastback 1/4 mile 13.20
Mustang GT fastback 1966, 5.0L roller, AFR165, 600cfm carb, 5 speed, 3.50/9inch

66 Mustang Inline 6 1/4 Mile
The initial wheel hop during the burnout was my friend Tommy pumping the brake pedal a couple of times to get the open diff to turn both tires, and it worked! This was around a 19.7sec pass.

12 second 1/4 mile in-car
Testing out the camera mount on the track. Not sure what time this was, probably a 12.8x

66 Fastback Mustang runs 6.20 1/8 mile
Dan Stricklin's 1966 fastback with 460 big block ford runs a 6.20 at Hobbs motorsports parkl.