In car Chris Hanlon 170 mph Lake Gairdner XP Falcon Ute

Xp Falcon Ute run in C/Mute at Lake Gairdner March 09

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217mph HK Monaro (Marilyn)
HK Monaro - 217mph Australian C/Pro Record Driver: Wayne Pickles

DLRA Speedweek 2017 Lake Gairdner South Australia
A few of the vehicles I saw at the Lake.

Greg Watters 256mph World of speed 2012 .avi
The Blackart Suzuki hayabusa turbo running to 256 mph at USFRA World of speed Sept 2012 and chunking the front tire

Speedweek 2013, Salt Lake racing, Lake Gairdner, South Australia
Salt flat racing in remote South Australia 2013