EvilZ Datsun 240z

First Drive Summer 2007

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1970 Datsun 240z turbo
Datsun 240z winter Build. L28 turbo Datsun

3.1L 240Z vs. the Ozark Mountains
Some [conservative] horseplay in my 1971 3.1L 240Z before putting my new race motor away for the winter. This is NOT a performance driving video, just some fun on an awesome road. This is first time I've driven the road, so I'm a little more confident after 3:00. (I found it on Google Earth then trailered my car there.) Some highlights, since it's not exactly a concise video: 1:55 downhill stretch, crossing Beaver Lake 2:40 more aggressive driving begins 4:00 scared myself a bit 4:40 traffic encountered 5:00 engine vs. open highway Referenced walk-around video of my L6 motor: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=by_gtw18cLo

Project RBZ
S30, 1972 240z full restoration installed with RB25DET Neo 6 & RB25 gearbox and Sti differential along with some other modifications

Jer's 1971 Datsun 240z
- mild cam - MSA 6-1 Ceramic Coated Exhaust header - turbo Muffler - Polished stock SU carburetors and manifolds - 280zx E12-80 Distributor - Borg Warner T-5 manual transmission from '81 280ZX turbo with performance clutch - 16" Konig Monsoon wheels - Tokico shocks and springs - MSA Front and rear sway bars - 280z instrument gauges