when it all goes horribly wrong.mpg

biker goes to far at notobikeparkingfees.com demo in londons west end

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first ride on a Harley goes wrong
Yes, this was his first time to ride... YES, he DID ride it, and rode it well... and months later... Yes, he sold it for a profit...

Look what they are doing now !
a CEO taking a flyer from the "notobikeparkingtax campaign" off a bike in Dury lane Covent Garden and me asking him to put it back !

Blue Van Man - No to Bike Parking Tax WMBC-8 (London Motorcycle Protest)
The whole clip of when one bloke decides he can get through the traffic 'his way.' Credit to Bennage for the video!

Harley Rental Fail
Stupid Girl rents harley, hole shot and drops it... She's about 2 riders up, wait for it...