Twilight Zone Fuel Altered Crash at Rocky Mountain Raceway

Frank Davidson in The Twilight Zone crashes at Nitro Armageddon Involving Mathew Leonard in NitroRat - RMR 8-28-10

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Ed Heystee King Kong Altered Crash
2009 California Hot Rod Reunion, Bakersfield (Famosa) California. Ed gets crossed up and hits the wall hard. Filmed by Frank Kunkel. Complete events at

Bobby Marriott's Wild Ride! Outlaw Fuel Altereds at North Star Dragway
Footage Courtesy of Bobby Marriott Photo Sequence By Wes Ramsey / Steve Scott Ride on board with Bobby Marriott's "Shockwave" AA/Fuel Altered in a spine-chilling incident during qualifying. Marriott's car erupted into flames and oil got under the tires sending it out of control and over the centerline, collecting Smith's car near the top end of the strip. Debris then cut the left rear slick of Marriott's car as he was knocked unconscious. The car stayed upright, bouncing wildly back and forth, then impacting the wall before coming to a stop in the grass at the top end. Smith's car ended up spinning out near the sand trap. Marriott was taken to the local hospital for evaluation and released a few hours later and back at the track late the same night. He gave credit to all the safety equipment he had recently updated for this season and wants to stress to everyone in any form of motorsports how important it is to utilize all safety measures available and keep them up to date. Both cars suffered major damage but more importantly, both drivers walked away to race another day.

AA/FA Shockwave-Tire Explosion
A fine example of the driving skills these racers have.

B/Gas Studebaker Rolls on Burnout at 2010 March Meet Bakersfield, CA
Gasser rolls with the least damage possible. Filmed by Frank Kunkel. I filmed the whole event.