First start

2.0 ohc first start whit VEMS ecu

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grp4 escort mk2 n/a cosworth built by Atkins Motorsport
this a mk2 escort n/a cosworth that we built last year

kvs ford 2.0 ohc 561hp dyno.mp4
KVS Ford 2.0 ohc 8 valve turbo,first to show Dyno test above 500hp (561hp) on youtube. Sveinunggard Motorteknikk by Knut Vebjørn Sveinunggard KVS works on all kinds of new and old racing engines.This old style Ford engine is a test project and for fun. Running on "green" E85 Bioethanol.

Ford Escort mk2 2 door EFI Turbo at kwinana motorplex

Escort mk2 Turbo
Escort mk2 build in melhus norway