Honda Fit Racing (Outside Car)

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2016 Honda HR-V Ultimate In-Depth Look
My first day at East Coast Honda was exciting! I got a opportunity to spend time with this new 2016 Honda HR-V . Year: 2016 Make: Honda Model: HR-V Trim: EX-L w/Navigation FWD Bodystyle: SUV Doors: 4 door Engine: 1.8L I-4 cyl Transmission: continuously variable automatic Drive Line: Front-wheel Drive Fuel Type: Regular Unleaded VIN: 3CZRU5H75GM706439 Model Code: RU5H7GKNW I do not work for East Coast Honda however I do have a friend there... His name is John Vincent. Please email him if you are in the market for a vehicle and want the easiest buying experience ever. John can have your car delivered to your house anywhere in the USA! Contact John now... 843-215-6500 New cars and trucks have lots of new features... Let me show them to you before you go to a dealer! Take your time and browse different makes and models without the pressure of a salesperson. Get to know your next vehicle from a first-person perspective on my YouTube Channel MikesCarInfo! Please let me know how I can improve my videos to make them more useful to you. Thank you! I do not work for any car dealer... I work for you! Please send me a tip, it makes all this possible. Click here: SE297KS or use Google Wallet: @mikescarinfo #mikescarinfo

How Honda Lost the Plot, and Why Buying One is a Mistake
Honda is a shadow of its former self. It used to be Japan’s BMW. An unstoppable powerhouse of automotive innovation. But today, it’s just another mediocre car company. I can’t think of a single Honda I’d pay my own money to own. The great philosopher Voltaire said - essentially - we’re all guilty of the good we fail to do. Profound stuff. Perhaps the same can be said of car companies, in respect of the innovation they neglect to accomplish. We’re talking about the inventor of V-TEC - a split personality in every engine. Honda achieved the great automotive oxymoron (building a Japanese Ferrari). The NSX. No other carmaker could have done that, at the time. For mere mortals like us there were Type R Civics and Integras - the progenitors of today’s hot hatches. And then … nothing. Sales have made like the Kursk. In Australia just before the GFC, Honda surged through the 60,000 sales barrier, and seemed unstoppable. Then the financial crisis hit. We’re not talking about some startup venture here. This is the world’s largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines - and motorcycles. This is unpalatable to hear, but buying a Honda today is like buying a mothballed seven-year-old brand new car. It’s like stepping back in time. Zero innovation means there is not a single direct-injection petrol engine on sale in any Honda in Australia. The 2.4-litre petrol engine in CR-V is a joke. You need to wring its neck to make the same power Mazda’s 2.5 makes in the CX-5. Seven thousand rpm is undignified in anything that’s not a performance car. And the Mazda does it 1300 revs lower. Superior tech means the Mazda engine delivers 13 per cent more peak torque at lower revs, as well as 15 per cent better fuel economy. In diesels, Hyundai-Kia’s 2.2 makes 32 per cent more peak power, and 25 per cent more peak torque than Honda’s 2.2, both at lower revs. That South Korean engine makes about 30 per cent more power across the entire range of revs you would ever drive at. Last year, Mazda sold 10,000 more Mazda3s than the total number of Honda cars sold in Australia. In fact, Mazda has become exactly what Honda was. Hyundai overtook Honda in this country in 2009. And today Hyundai out-sells Honda three to one. And Hyundai vehicles are objectively superior. Even Honda’s resale value has crashed. Here’s some research I was doing for a viewer whose wife was twitchy about buying a Kia. She claimed Honda was technically superior and also had better resale value. So here’s what the numbers said, in the Redbook database. This is the best private sale price listed for the works burger of 2009 Kia Sorentos, up against the equivalent CR-V. The Kia retained 50 per cent at six years while the Honda held onto only 40 per cent. Counter-intuitive, isn’t it? If you buy an HR-V, and you want GPS, you need an iPhone. If you’ve got any other phone, forget it. How is that elegant design? The entire Honda lineup in Australia is devoid of passion. Toyota is more exciting - and that’s a statement you just don’t hear very often, outside of a paint-drying competition. So, instead of, getting back in the game, this is where the Honda story gets seriously ‘Twilight Zone’. Remember Honda’s Uni Cub Mobility Scooter? No? The Uni Cub scooter was a kind of gyroscopically stabilised vibrating electronic king penguin, designed for you to squat on. In some countries, I’m pretty sure that’s illegal. Then there’s the HA-420 HondaJet - It’s the Honda Jazz of Lear Jets. The $5 million corporate jet you buy when you can’t afford a real corporate jet. And then there’s ASIMO - Honda’s nearly-a-robot. A thermoplastic spastic. A four-foot-three-inch battery-powered dimwit that can run in a circle at five kilometres per hour. In 2008, Honda’s plastic party trick conducted the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in a rendition of The Impossible Dream - an oddly prophetic (even artificially intelligent) gesture. If you want a good Japanese car, buy a Mazda. If it doesn’t have to be japanese: Hyundai. You’ll get a better car. Honda still does a pretty decent lawnmower. It’s the best I can offer. Imagine where they’d be today if they had subscribed to Voltaire instead.

Honda hits the high note with Jazz
The i20's got a credible rival in the form of the new generation Honda Jazz. 'Magic' seats in the top variant, the most amount of space and the i-DTEC diesel engine for the first time. We took it out for a drive in Goa where it was easy to forget all that, hence the reminder! Watch full video: d-exclusive-look-at-bajaj-pulsar-evolution/371129?yt

2016 Honda( Spirior )Accord Euro Official !!
Honda spirior in China Honda Accord in Europe