Dodge Viper Race & Street cars - Ohlins Shaker Rig - Nadine Geary

Chief tech Rick Maxwell Woodhouse Performance, SRT engineer Matt Bejnarowicz, and racing driver Nadine Geary with Dodge Viper Competition Coupe and SRT10 at Ohlins USA Headquarters, undergoing a weeks testing, development, adjust and set up.

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8 Post Rig Demo
VIPER operates the first 8 Post vehicle dynamics shake rig in North America. Our rig has been sized to accommodate a wide range of vehicles including most anything from a golf cart to an up-armored HumVee.

Caterham Unchained: See the 7-post rig in action, take a tour of an F1 race truck
We're vlogging from inside the Caterham F1 Team throughout our 2013 season. Episode 16: See a 7-post test rig in action Take a tour of a Formula 1 race truck We visit Dell's Executive Summit Agenda and Dell UK MD Tim Griffin Learn how our new Autoclave works Hit subscribe for your access all areas pass to a year inside Formula 1: Caterham F1 Team

Chassis rig
We use the chassis rig to develop new suspension settings for the car and research new suspension ideas before we get to the track. We basically place a chassis on seventeen servo-hydraulic actuators, which replicate the forces the car undergoes on the racetrack. There are fourteen actuators underneath the wheels, which apply vertical and horizontal forces, and another three under the floor to replicate the aerodynamic forces.

Challenger Hellcat Vs Dodge Viper 1/2 Mile
Stock Challenger Hellcat VS Stock Dodge Viper Results: Hellcat: (Best run: 156.3586) 154.7455, 150.6024, 155.0655, 155.2795, 155.4941, 155.3867, 155.2795, 154.7455, 154.6392, 155.6017, 156.3586, 155.1724, 153.8988, 154.7455, 154.8520, 154.5330, 155.8172, 156.3586, 155.3867, 156.0333, Viper: (Best run: 155.2795) 155.0655, 155.2795, 154.8520, 149.5017, 154.5330, 154.6392, 152.7495, 152.6459, 154.3210, 153.3742, 155.2795 , 153.3742, 152.7495, 151.4132, 49.1588 148.2213, 150.7033, 151.4132, 153.1654, 152.2327, Running the 1/2 mile at Sulphur Springs Airport in Texas. At the WannaGoFast event