Kenworth w900 Detriot 475 vs W900 550 Cat Part 2

Going up Rabbit ears having some fun passing a 550 cat. Watch part 1 for more info *DRK TRUCKING*

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Kenworth w900 Detriot 475 vs W900 550 Cat Part 1
Going up Rabbit ears (Steamboat Springs, CO) with a 96 Kenworth W900 with a 475 Detriot and about a pass a 95 W900 550 Cat. We both have around 85,000 pounds of Fly Ash on a Pneumatic Trailer. The view is beautiful towards the end of the video. *DRK TRUCKING*

14 Yearold kid drives a 13 speed 1987 Kenworth W900

Kenworth W900 start up.
Starting the 1990 W900 for a day of hauling wheat. This truck has a NTA-88 400 Cummins Big Cam IV. As far as modifications on the engine, it has a #10 fuel button, the fuel rod turned out 2 turns and the AFC backed out a turn and a half.

Idle Air - How to install and to use
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