Kenworth w900 Detriot 475 vs W900 550 Cat Part 2

Going up Rabbit ears having some fun passing a 550 cat. Watch part 1 for more info *DRK TRUCKING*

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Kenworth w900 Detriot 475 vs W900 550 Cat Part 1
Going up Rabbit ears (Steamboat Springs, CO) with a 96 Kenworth W900 with a 475 Detriot and about a pass a 95 W900 550 Cat. We both have around 85,000 pounds of Fly Ash on a Pneumatic Trailer. The view is beautiful towards the end of the video. *DRK TRUCKING*

2016 Kenworth W900L Glider 72" Sleeper Truck - Exterior and Cabin Walkaround - 2016 Truckworld
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2000 W900L - straight-piped C15 (6NZ)/13-speed
NOTE: Excuse the rough shifting. I drove this truck much, much better when I didn't have the differential lock engaged. I was out in a muddy field for such a long period of time, waiting on other trucks to get loaded and unstuck that it totally slipped my mind to flip the lock back off when I finally got back to solid pavement. I realized my mistake and corrected the issue, shortly after ending the video. Just a few minute portion of a run from one of the smaller corn circles, back to the dairy. Typical load that grossed about 100,000 lbs. To avoid monotony, I cut the video before I shifted into the big hole and grabbed the last two gears because the truck's got pretty tall gearing. It'll tach 1,300 RPM @ 65 in high gear.

loud kw,550 cat 18speed
w900 tanker driver