ASAP Acura NSX Supercharged Dyno and 1/4 mile 11.1@126

ASAP Acura NSX Supercharged Dyno and 1/4 mile 11.1@126

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TURBO NSX 1/4 mile

Our 230,000 Mile 1991 Acura NSX - a Fire Breathing Supercharged Track Monster
When we started the Clarion Builds program in 2014, our mission was restore iconic classic cars to better than new physical condition with tasteful aesthetic upgrades, and deliver 21st century technology upgrades to improve drivability and provide modern conveniences. For our second build, we picked up a well used and very tired 1991 NSX with 230,000 miles on the clock, and after 9 months and more than 1000 man hours, our refreshed and significantly upgraded NSX was completed and ready for another quarter million miles of mixed street and track use. The result of the passion that went into this project literally speaks for itself. Tell us what you think about how the car turned out in the comments section below.

Turbo NSX takes on R35 GTR 585whp
ASAP Performance built turbo NSX- Billet 6766 turbo, aem ems, built motor, ASAP fuel system, e85 fuel. R35 GTR 585whp (Mustang Dyno)- Stock turbos, intake, Exhaust, e85, hplogic tune by jack cecil.

Acura (Honda) NSX Supercharger 740Ps
Music: Inception OST Zack Hemsey - Mind Heist Skillet - Awake and Alive Shot on: Canon EOS 60D, Panasonic HDC-SD 700, GoPro HD Motorsports Hero Follow us on Facebook: