Turbocharged Saturn SL2

A turbocharged 1992 Saturn SL2 Only 9PSI. Note: I had 4 people in the car during this video. car is sold.

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just a little video i made of my recent project

Saturn smashes on a mustang gt's burnout
This littls saturn beat all the cars in a burnout contest hands down! watch to the end, all cars tried their best but it comes down to how you drive!

street racing saturn
A cool video trailer for saturn racing and sport compact enthusiasts.

DIY Head and head gasket installation
Installing the head and gasket onto the rebuilt engine block. New felpro head gasket installed. Saturn S-Series. I chose to go with a professionally rebuilt head due to burned and chipped valves. The reason for tearing the engine down was compression issues. New head bolts should always be used. VIDEO: Timing chain kit install on this engine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTEJbuLofN8 I took care to make sure both the block and the head were at TDC Top Dead Center prior to installtion to avoid any mechanical damage. Most of my DIY parts and supplies for my Saturn project came from Autozone and Advance Auto Parts. I used a Felpro headgasket and put it on clean without any additives as per manufacturers instructions. My PCI timing kit came form ebay and included camshaft sprocket gears, crank gear, chain, guides, and tensioners. I had to re-use the crankshaft gear bolts. The rebuild head came from a reputable ebay seller and I am very pleased with the quality. Saturn SW2 SW1 SW SL1 SL2 SL SC1 SC2 SC