Romeo Ferraris Cinquone Stradale

My Facebook fan page: I filmed the new Romeo Ferraris Cinquone Stradale, based on the Abarth 500. The car it's fitted with 300 HPs and has alcantara and leather interior. All this for 80.000 euros! Unfortunatly there isn't its sound, but you can see many details of it! Hope you like!

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ロメオフェラーリス チンクオーネ ストラダーレ romeo ferraris Cinquone Stradale
横浜みなとみらいで開催されたユーロカーのイベント、 HOT EURO CAR SHOWDOWNの冒頭イベントにて。 「M3を喰らう最強マシンが上陸」 ロメオフェラーリス チンクオーネ ストラダーレ romeo ferraris Cinquone Stradale JPY 7,900,000~ ブログに関連記事を載せました。こちらも御覧ください 。

This is EPIC! Romeo Ferraris Cinquone Abarth GUMBALL 3000 Edition 2013
Watch this preview about this EPIC "small" Abarth 500 tuned by Romeo Ferraris for the 2013 GUMBALL 3000. A 300 PS little beast!!!! Hear it sound! Stay tuned for the full uncut video! CARS and CHIPS Production Website: Facebook: Twitter: CC creative commons Music: Luke Neumann -- "Moonburn"

Romeo Ferraris Cinquone S 2015: una super-500 in pista!
Romeo Ferraris ha messo le mani sulla Abarth Cinquecento: il risultato è il Cinquone, un mostro da 210 cavalli ottimo per la pista ma omologato anche per la strada. ISCRIVITI AL CANALE UFFICIALE DI QUATTRORUOTE SEGUI QUATTRORUOTE SU FACEBOOK VISITA IL SITO UFFICIALE:

Fiat 500 Romeo Ferraris Extremo 260 HP Top Marques
Vue au Salon Top Marques de Monaco en 2010. Sans commentaires...