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CX500 with 2000 Dyna Glide exhaust mufflers

My CX500 with stock H pipe + Dyna mufflers. Sounds a LOT better than stock - just gotta build mounting brackets.


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Honda cx500 valve adjustment
How to adjust intake and Exhaust valve on a Honda CX500 motorcycle

HondaCX500 Custom
Honda CX500 Custom

Twisted V
My CX500 with HD sportster Exhaust

CX500 With EMGO reverse cones
This video is without the wind playing havoc with the camera mic, sounds much closer to the real thing.

honda cx500 exhaust harley cans direct to headers
straight through harley cans direct to headers

CX500 with Emgo 17" Reverse cone mufflers
Installed the mufflers on my cafe CX500, the sound in the video doesn't really reflect how loud it is, I think the wind noise mucked up the sound recording on the camera a bit.

Honda CX500 Cafe Racer First Start
My overhauled 1981 Honda CX 500 Cafe racer, first start-up in a loooong time after a lot of major work to the entire bike. Skip to 1:30 to avoid the mucking around at the start! Doesn't idle too good yet and small aesthetic things will be fixed soon. Should be done within the month! Excuse the slightly weird old man, not sure where he came from ;)

CX500 under seat exhaust
My new creation with custom bent tube and heat wrapped.

my 78 cx500 nice and loud
this is my bike almost done I have lowered it more and am going to change the seat

1980 Honda cx500 bobber
1980 Honda cx500 raked 43 degrees ...

CX500 #19 Making the wheels really stand out.
Painting the wheels and some other stuff.

1978 CX500 BOBBER BUILT IN 2010 Sold on Ebay

Modified Honda CX500-cafe bike
This 1979 Honda CX500 V-Twin bike was seen at the Seattle International Motorcycle show. Trick bits include scalloped tank for low cafe handle bars, bar end mirrors, single rear shock on highly modified swingarm, and heat wrapped pipes.

1982 Honda CX500 Mac 2-into-1 Exhaust behind (1 of 3)
In this video, the mic is placed 7.5 feet directly behind the bike. The audio was recorded independently of the video, and the microphone remains stationary on a stand behind the bike while the camera shows the tach.

CX500 No mufflers
Thought I'd see how it sounded with no mufflers :)

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