CX500 with 2000 Dyna Glide exhaust mufflers

My CX500 with stock H pipe + Dyna mufflers. Sounds a LOT better than stock - just gotta build mounting brackets.

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Honda CX500 with Harley 883 Mufflers
Replaced stock mufflers with Harley 883 Sportster mufflers

Moto-Mucci Honda CX500 - MAC Exhaust, Cherry Bomb Muffler
1978 Honda CX500 Moto-Mucci MAC 2-1 Exhaust Cherry Bomb 8" Muffler 90/120 Jetting

Honda CX500 Slash Pipes
Used LTD pipes from a fellow "CC" member. I love how it sounds, the blackberry audio does no justice.

CX500 with Emgo 17" Reverse cone mufflers
Installed the mufflers on my cafe CX500, the sound in the video doesn't really reflect how loud it is, I think the wind noise mucked up the sound recording on the camera a bit.