CX500 with 2000 Dyna Glide exhaust mufflers

My CX500 with stock H pipe + Dyna mufflers. Sounds a LOT better than stock - just gotta build mounting brackets.

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Honda CX500 with Harley 883 Mufflers
Replaced stock mufflers with Harley 883 Sportster mufflers

Moto-Mucci Honda CX500 - MAC Exhaust, Cherry Bomb Muffler
1978 Honda CX500 Moto-Mucci MAC 2-1 Exhaust Cherry Bomb 8" Muffler 90/120 Jetting

Honda CX500 Slash Pipes
Used LTD pipes from a fellow "CC" member. I love how it sounds, the blackberry audio does no justice.

CX500 with Harley Exhaust.AVI
The H pipe was failing on my CX500 so I decided to get rid of it. I ran some flex pipe from the header pipe back to some harley Mufflers. This is just really a test to see if I like them. I will have a local muffler shop run this correctly. Possible will do a 2 into 1 setup out to the right side of the bike with only one muffler.