CX500 with 2000 Dyna Glide exhaust mufflers

My CX500 with stock H pipe + Dyna mufflers. Sounds a LOT better than stock - just gotta build mounting brackets.

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Honda CX500 with Harley 883 Mufflers
Replaced stock mufflers with Harley 883 Sportster mufflers

78 Honda CX500 with loud 2" exhaust
This is my year long project finally complete.

HondaCX500 Custom
Honda CX500 Custom

CX500 with Harley Exhaust.AVI
The H pipe was failing on my CX500 so I decided to get rid of it. I ran some flex pipe from the header pipe back to some harley Mufflers. This is just really a test to see if I like them. I will have a local muffler shop run this correctly. Possible will do a 2 into 1 setup out to the right side of the bike with only one muffler.