New 1700 HP Tunnel Ram Alien 427CI(7L) LSX. Mid Engine Design. NRE. Its a Beast. Its a Pussycat.

What a great new engine this is. Its so streetable, yet its a beast when you unleash it. Check out the New Tunnel Ram Alien Intake for this Chevy LSX. NRE Simply delivers outstanding performance coupled with NRE legendary reliability. For more information go to For help marketing your product of service go to NRE TV Episode 190.

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Mid Engine 1800 HP LSX Chevrolet. New Beast from Tom Nelson of Nelson Racing Engines. NRE.
The performance of this LSX engine continues to amaze. In this small block form comes big block torque and horsepower. Tom Nelson explains and looks at the results over a wide range of performance set ups. Guys get your Ultimas and Panteras and sand rails ready. NRE is coming. More information at and Also go to

Follow us on Facebook at MADRAM11 T-Shirts, Dvds, Hoodies, Koozies and more Steven Woolsey almost had the bounty hill climbed but he ended up running out of time. That LSX 454 is one nasty engine and man does it sound good.

Mad Max Attacks Chatsworth! LOL Must See 1750 HP TT Street Test from NRE
This is one of the craziest cars to ever come out of NRE. Definately a must see. The amout of labor to build car is stunning. NRE's Tom Nelson takes us for a street test as well as a walkaround of this car. Go to for hundreds of videos you can freely download. Use for your Computer, IPOD, Playstation 3, or other device. Detailed instructions at site.

New Split Cycle Engine Concept: The Doyle Rotary Engine
The DRE is a rotary split cycle engine concept designed to replace current automotive engines. It is smaller and lighter per unit of displacement and has many efficiency gains over conventional engines and other engine concepts. I made this video using Solidworks, Photoshop, After Effects, Audacity and Handbrake. I would like to thank Jim Hummel for the voice over work. We look forward to answering questions and comments. Feel free to post video replies and repost the video wherever you want. Check out our website: