468 Blown Vega burnout

loss of tread.

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800+ Hp Chevy Vega burnout!
A friends 434 Smallblock Vega doing a burnout in front of Sonics (You can see the manager in the background). Sounds much meaner in person,sound is a little distorted. Go pro videos soon to come of this car!

Bored at Work - Chevy Vega Wheelie!
This is what happens when you take a bunch of horsepower junkies on a saturday who gets bored at work. Blown Alcohol Chevy Vega!

BLOWN Camaro You've Got To HEAR THIS .....
Camaro Sounds Like a Girl Screaming LoL

Supercharged 1968 Camaro Burnout!
Another small burnout in our back halved 68 Camaro with a supercharged 454 big block. When the weather warms up we will get the car back out for a better video or two!