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50cc Yamaha Scooter on Nitrous

C-Dub Racing puts a dry Nitrous kit on a 50cc yamaha scooter!


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Nitrous fed 50cc Yamaha scooter vs 150cc Scooter
What happens when C-Dub gets bored? We Slap a dry kit on a 50cc yamaha scooter and get DOWN!

Stock Zuma wheelie practice with crashes
Trying to learn to wheelie on a completely stock 50cc '97 Zuma. Ya I know I suck at wheelies. Have to start somewhere.

Yamaha Booster 80cc Malossi 125km/h vs Police
Yamaha Booster 80cc Malossi

testing the nitrous kit on my scooter
testing the Nitrous kit on my scooter with the smallest jets . i had bad bottle pressure because the bottle was very cold .

50cc scooter wheelie
honda elite 50 NF Lunatics

Yamaha Jog 50cc sprint 105kph!!
yamaha jog acceleration top speed sprint 105 km h 50 cc on board camera in street

FG Monster Truck Nitrous Oxide Part1 checkout Part2 as well
This is the first video, second video now available - FG Monster Truck Nitrous Oxide Testing Part 2 Allanach Racing's FG Monster Truck with Nitrous setup - testing phase. This is a custom setup - not one of those kits. Allanach Racing will be developing his own kit in the near future... stay tuned Check out my other videos for more large scale action!

Nitrous YSR 50
Nitrous YSR 50

Scooter-Attack presents | TUNE MY SCOOT - Es wird umgebaut!
Links: http://www.scooter-attack.com http://www.scooter-attack.com/news Community: https://www.facebook.com/scooter.attack https://http://www.facebook.com/DerHood https://plus.google.com/+scooterattack Rollerverkauf: http://kleinanzeigen.ebay.de/anzeigen/s-anzeige/high-end-aerox-%28tune-my-s coot-aktion%29-%29/155183264-218-1192?ref=myads Endlich ist es soweit! Hier ist das Video vom Umbau des Gewinners unserer Tune my Scoot Aktion! Malcolm brachte uns eine nahezu originale Aerox in die Werkstatt, die wir auf ein stattliches Stage6 Setup im Wert von über 3.000 Euro umbauten. Die komplette Auflistung der verbauten Teile gibt's hier: Musik: Lazerhawk Motortuning Zylinder Stage6 Racing MkII 70cc (12mm) S6-7416608 Auspuff Stage6 R1400 S6-9516604 Kurbelwelle Stage6 R/T Replica, 85mm-Pleuel S6-7916688/12 Spacerkit Stage6 MkII für 85mm-Kurbelwellen S6-79166ET06 Kurbelwellenlager Set Stage6 Metall-Käfig (SKF 6204/C4) S6-80366C4/MET Innenrotorzündung Stage6 R/T S6-4516600 Ansaugspacer Stage6 R/T d=28/26mm; orange S6-3316617/OR Vergaser Stage6 R/T Mk II Flachschieber; 28mm (HD 130/ ND 38) S6-31RT-PWK28 Membranblock Stage6 R/T Viton® S6-3219066/VT Luftfilter Stage6 Double Layer GROSS weiss S6-35021WH Oversize-CVT-Kit Stage6 R/T S6-5616601 Kupplung Stage6 Torque Control MKII (107mm) S6-5016618 Kupplungsglocke Stage6 R/T CNC - Type (107mm) Type 479 S6-5516616 Getriebe Stage6 Sekundär Sekundär 15/39 (1:2,60) S6-2016602S Getriebedeckel Stage6 R/T S6-2216608 Ersatzteile und Zubehör Ersatzlager 40x17x12mm (FAG 6203 2RSR), Radwelle Minarelli MF33.00012 Ersatzlager 30x10x9mm (FAG 6200) Kupplungswelle Minarelli, Gegenlager der Primärwelle im Getriebe MF33.00013 Ersatzlager 35x17x10mm (FAG 6003 2RSR) Subframe Minarelli MF33.00014 Simmerring Radwelle Minarelli OE-MAL75311800 Zentrierbolzen Motoforce Getriebedeckel/Variomatikdeckel 10 x 14mm MF60.16627 Zentrierbolzen Motoforce Motorgehäuse 16x12 mm MF60.16626 Schlauchschelle Motoforce 13-30mm MF48.00031 Zündunterbrecher Kill-Switch STR-596.23 Kerzenstecker NGK Gummi (rot) LM7085152 Zündkerze Racing NGK Langgewinde Nickel Alloy B-E10,5 - gewinkelte Elektrode L-SAZKNGKB-E105 Temperaturfühler Zylinderkopf Stage6 S6-4030ET01 Benzinschlauch Stage6 High-Resistant S6-0120 Benzinhahn Motoforce manuell MF16.30022 Benzinhahn Motoforce universal MF48.11010 Gaszug Stage6, für Gasgriffset Stage6 CNC Type S6-SSP110ET01 Fahrwerk und Bremsen Subframe Stage6 Mk II S6-9916605 Bremsbelag Stage6 RACING (vorne) S6-1025013/R Bremsbelag Stage6 RACING (hinten) S6-1025032/R Bremsscheibe vorne/ hinten Stage6 - schwimmend - VA S6-1316605/VA Bremsscheibe Stage6 Oversize MkII 280mm - Edelstahl S6-1216650/VA Stoßdämpfer hinten Motoforce RACING MF88.88002 Reifen Heidenau K61 140/60-13 L-R16.11120086 Styling Parts Stickerbomb-Pack! - 20th Anniversary Limited-Edition L-SASTICKERBOMB2 Lenkergriffe BCD Proseries Schwarz / Grau L-BCD382 Kurzhubgasgriff Motoforce Racing Schwarz MF45.00010 Bremshebel Set Stage6 CNC Dual-Color Schwarz / Orange S6-SSP105-4/OR Bremszylinderabdeckung Stage6 Cooling Style schwarz eloxiert S6-SSP101-2BZ/BK Wasserpumpendeckel STR8 EXTREM-CUT Schwarz STR-500.51/BK Wasserpumpe Motoforce Bolzen für Mitnehmerrad 25mm MF60.16617 Wasserpumpe Motoforce Gummipuffer-Set (3 Stck.) MF60.16604 Variomatikdeckel STR8 CUT Schwarz STR-501.66/BK Kickstarter Stage6 Evo MkII Orange S6-SSP280KS/OR Seitenständer Buzzetti WB-8562N Verkleidungsschrauben STR8 schwarz STR-555.10/BK Scheinwerfer STR8 Black-Line STR-608.40 Rücklicht STR8 Black-Line LED mit Blinkerfunktion STR-656.01/CE Dekokappe für Zündschloss STR8 carbon-look STR-540.40/CA Verkleidungskit STR8 11-teilig schwarz metallic STR-902/BK Lenkerverkleidung (ohne Blinker) STR8 schwarz STR-902.12/BK Unterboden BCD Extrem weiß L-BCD234 Heckverkleidung BCD Extrem schwarz L-BCD224 Integralhelm Stage6 RACING MKII Größe S (55-56) S6-0835/S

Crazy Japanese Scooter (50cc) Wheely! Wheelie! Unedited!
While driving around Japan, early in the morning... Saw a guy doing a wheely with his scooter! Yes a scooter (50cc), not a bike! Ruff Riders got nothing... LOL!

How to Ride a Scooter for the First Time.
This covers brakes and acceleration. Part 2 will cover steering. If you're learning to ride you'll need some gear: http://www.cheapmotorcyclegear.org/

How Fast is a 50cc Scooter?
How fast is a scooter? I try to answer this. http://www.mogoscooter.com/UK1 Tour Taiwan with me: http://hobbicide.com/M13Taiwan/ My Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mordeth13 MY CAMERA: http://tiny.cc/o9ttiw My Helmet and pants: http://rhok.com.au/ My Private Series: http://www.m13online.com/?page_id=294 Scottoilers rock: http://www.scottoiler.com Use coupon code "mordeth13" for 13% off the price!

How to derestrict a Yamaha C3 scooter, 2 of 5
Click on "More infos" for updates Second part about the derestriction of a Yamaha C3 scooter. Edit, July 17th 2008: Final setup, which I am pretty satisfied with: -6x3.5 grams Malossi roller weights -Red Doppler clutch springs -Restricting washer NOT removed -Grinded variator lip to allow roller weights to move a little further. Excellent acceleration, great hill climbing, top speed on flats, no wind: 45 mph, 72 km/h. Stiffer clutch springs greatly improve startup acceleration (0-10mph). If your C3 seem to take too long to "catch-up" it's acceleration from a full stop, stiffer clutch springs is the solution. For details about variator grinding, check the forum at c3rider.com Edit, June 21st 2008: Removing three roller weights to improve acceleration (like mentioned in previous update) may not work well for everyone. Dividing by half the shifting weights is rather extreme. You may need to fine-tune the total amount of weight in the variator in order to get good results. I weight 210-215lbs, and a total weight of 18 grams in the var seem to be ok for me (stock roller weights are six grams, btw). Someone on the C3 forum said acceleration did improved after he took off the three rollers, but he couldn't get over 40mph anymore. He was weighting 225 lbs. It seems that just ten pounds more can make a significant difference, so if you are over 210lbs, the acceleration mod may not work well for you. Someone else said he got better results using three 7grams rollers. DO NOT EVEN TRY to just add one more weight (four instead of three). The way this variator is made requires that EITHER six or three weights be used, because any other number would cause the var to be off-balance (remember, if you use three weights, there must be an empty weight slot between every weight). Also, you may use two different set of three weights in the var (ex: three 4grams and three 3grams) for as long as you keep things balanced: when two sets are used, their position in the var must alternate. So, with the stock rollers, you only have two possibilities for total weight: 18 or 36 grams. In order to fine-tune the var for optimal acceleration without compromising top-speed, you may need to buy aftermarket roller weights. Once you have found the perfect total weight in the var, it could be a good idea to fill all six slots if possible, because if only three weights are used, they will wear twice faster than six weights (wear signs on rollers can be seen as flat spots on the outer circumference). For example: if, like me, you are satisfied with 18 grams total (3x6grams), then you should consider getting 6x3grams instead. Finally, if your C3 is brand new, you should wait and complete the recommended break-in process before you remove any weight in the var: with less weight, the engine RPM are higher at low speed, thus, it would be harder to be "easy" on the engine for the first 600 miles break-in period. Edit, June 11th: Double the acceleration for free! Well, maybe not double, but enormously improved. C3rider.com member Patrickhove suggested to remove three roller weights to improve the acceleration, and I just did it. I always tought about changing the transmission gearing by using lighter roller weights, but was too lazy to actually buy them. I never dared to remove three roller weights because it seemed far too much to me, I was sure there would be great loss in top speed. But Patrick convinced me to try it... The results are surprising: If acceleration has not doubled, it certainly feels like it has. The C3 can climb hills much more easily, even accelerate in hills where it was losing speed before. Top speed is the same. I left the restricting washer in, but I suppose it would make more sense to remove it now. There is one downside: If you often travel at low speed (30 km/h or 20 mph) you will get a higher fuel consumption because the engine rpm is now quite higher at low speed. How to do it? Very simple: Follow the videos I made, and when you take off the variator, just put three of the six roller weights back in. It is very important that the three weights left in are evenly spaced, do not put them on the same side of the variator! It is quite ironic that the way for better acceleration has been within reach for all this time, yet none of us tought about it. Edit June 10th: It seems that a lot of people are using my video guides to derestrict scooters other than the C3/Vox/Giggle. Let me be clear: I am not a pro mechanic, this C3 is the only scooter I've ever owned. I used a well known derestriction method on this C3, and I learn by trial and errors, perhaps you should do the same. I don't know nothing about other scooters, so if you have something else than a C3/Vox/Giggle, then I can't help you, sorry. If you have a 2 stroke, you should check this, though: http://www.provoscooter.com/shop/howtovar.php

yamaha scooter 50cc exhaust modification (The super blaster)
I´m proud to present the yamaha 50cc super blaster Exhaust see here a dual sound Exhaust for 50cc : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_C6QT-Y8cI

scooter sprint el baro nitro 70 cc
nitro 70 cc vs nrg 70 malossi team.. il malossi nrg 2 per pochi millessimi... el baro finische cosi.. fine gara banco prova 18,9 hp

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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