Motorcycle Rider Shot and Killed by Police

Guy tries to outrun cops and pulls a gun Check out more videos at

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Motorcycle Police chases.helmet cam Brazil.Part 1
*PLEASE READ* Want to support the channel? The video in the thumbnail is in part 3 link : Bikes cops use Honda XRE 300 and Yamaha XT 660. ______________________________________________ Cop chases playlist : Part 2: , Part 3: dirtbikes _____________________________________________ song : GTA IV theme beat REMIX by Streetworkmusic If you own this music and doesn't want it in my video send me a message and i'll just remove it.

Running from police on a motorcycle (don't do it)
Sorry about the audio. Still waiting on new mic adaptor. Riding in a parking garage at a college isn't allowed. I avoided the campus cop but everyone else stopped. We left the campus when they were done only to be met by a second cop. He was very nice about the entire situation. No harm, no foul. Every one is good to go. Stopping is always easiest. Unless you get some asshole cop on a power trip. it's a gamble. For all your clothing needs for all your Stay Broke Krew needs SBK MOTO Jake ZX Rider Spy vs. Spy Moto Hoosier Rider Kodo Max (black honda doing seat standers) The Happy Sem Motard Steve Don't forget to follow me on instagram @subie_Moto

INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!! Police chase bikes, incredible drifting HD
Drifting trought heavy corners on country road

Woman Honks at Biker...and biker...
Talking about impatient honkers.