G35 pulls evasive manuever.

The car ahead in the left lane suddenly stops and pulls over.

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SUPERCHARGED G35 Fly-by (PARTING OUT ENTIRE CAR!!! tell me what you need?)
Just had a front end collision and am forced to part out the entire car! Everything from the rear bumper to the motor/surercharger is for sale. Bring your tools and take anything you need off it, $15k in aftermarket parts, HKS Exhaust/cats, Venom Nitrous system, wheels, suspention, big brake kit, interior, lights, tranny/motor, body panals, glass, etc. This is a CLEAN TITLE car I have the current title in hand. Interior is flawless... It has 85k well maintained/pampered miles. Stillen twin screw Supercharger was installed @40k and runs perfect!(very reliable). I have most receipts for all mods(about $15k worth at least!!) This car is VERY FAST & sounds "BEAST" coming and going, check the attached vids!! it get looks everywhere I go. Serious buyers/offers only plz, I'm in no hurry to sell to a low baller. I'm was sellin her for 18,500obo Most mods are listed below and I can provide more info/pix if needed? Thx 4 lookin, Ryan (909)904-666zero body -VIS c/f hood,greddy f/bumper,kenstyle r/bumper,tinted taillights mtr/trans -stillen s/c stage 3 @7psi, power enterprise injectors,high flow fuel pump,Technosquare ECUreflash,Injen CAI, high capicity ground kit,Venom 75shot dry Nitrous system. Transgo shift kit(5 speed automatic), universal tranny cooler. Exhaust -HKS Hi power Exhaust,Kinetix high flow cats brakes/suspention -KYB shocks,Eibach 3/4" lowering springs,stillen sway bars,camber kit wheels/brakes -Racinghart 19"&Wilwood calipers/rotors all guages too(air/fuel, oil temp, coolant temp, Boost) Listen 4 that sweet whine just B4 I pass the camera, Exhaust aint bad either. Sorry 4 the long start 10yr old was filming it. Best time without Nitrous: 0-60 4.5sec / 1/4mi 13.1@107mph with spray same 0-60 maybe mid to high 12's? Stock is about 0-60 6.2 / 1/4mi 14.7@99 automatic. So not bad for bolt on performance right?

Nismo 350z vs G35 vs G35
playing with a a random guy in a silver g35.

Supercharged G35 pull
7 PSI.

g35 sedan pulls on a 997
My g pulling on Porsche