G35 pulls evasive manuever.

The car ahead in the left lane suddenly stops and pulls over.

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SUPERCHARGED G35 Fly-by (PARTING OUT ENTIRE CAR!!! tell me what you need?)
Just had a front end collision and am forced to part out the entire car! Everything from the rear bumper to the motor/surercharger is for sale. Bring your tools and take anything you need off it, $15k in aftermarket parts, HKS Exhaust/cats, Venom Nitrous system, wheels, suspention, big brake kit, interior, lights, tranny/motor, body panals, glass, etc. This is a CLEAN TITLE car I have the current title in hand. Interior is flawless... It has 85k well maintained/pampered miles. Stillen twin screw Supercharger was installed @40k and runs perfect!(very reliable). I have most receipts for all mods(about $15k worth at least!!) This car is VERY FAST & sounds "BEAST" coming and going, check the attached vids!! it get looks everywhere I go. Serious buyers/offers only plz, I'm in no hurry to sell to a low baller. I'm was sellin her for 18,500obo Most mods are listed below and I can provide more info/pix if needed? Thx 4 lookin, Ryan (909)904-666zero body -VIS c/f hood,greddy f/bumper,kenstyle r/bumper,tinted taillights mtr/trans -stillen s/c stage 3 @7psi, power enterprise injectors,high flow fuel pump,Technosquare ECUreflash,Injen CAI, high capicity ground kit,Venom 75shot dry Nitrous system. Transgo shift kit(5 speed automatic), universal tranny cooler. Exhaust -HKS Hi power Exhaust,Kinetix high flow cats brakes/suspention -KYB shocks,Eibach 3/4" lowering springs,stillen sway bars,camber kit wheels/brakes -Racinghart 19"&Wilwood calipers/rotors all guages too(air/fuel, oil temp, coolant temp, Boost) Listen 4 that sweet whine just B4 I pass the camera, Exhaust aint bad either. Sorry 4 the long start 10yr old was filming it. Best time without Nitrous: 0-60 4.5sec / 1/4mi 13.1@107mph with spray same 0-60 maybe mid to high 12's? Stock is about 0-60 6.2 / 1/4mi 14.7@99 automatic. So not bad for bolt on performance right?

Nismo 350z vs G35 vs G35
playing with a a random guy in a silver g35.

G35 vs Supra
A modified Supra runs into a group of modified G35s, then lines up with a Vortech supercharged G at a light. The honks at the beginning are when we first notice the Supra, even though you can't see it from where my camera is mounted. We give him an open lane, he bites, and things get pretty crazy from there. Enjoy! Edit: Camera car = Saturn Sky Red Line

g35 sedan pulls on a 997
My g pulling on Porsche