Yamaha YZ 125 89

me on my Yamaha YZ 125 from 89. song name: fatboy slim - push the tempo that guy in de middle with the other music is my brother. and if you think that's supposed to be a wheelie.. it aint, I never practice wheelies, so I just cant. it's just an autowheelie... if I watch this video again, I see it runs bad. watch my latest vid. after rebuilding the bike http://youtube.com/watch?v=UlWpUC76zFw

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Everts on the 1990 YZ 125cc
Everts on the 1990 YZ 125cc

1989 yz 125 almost complete!
still got some work to do on it. have to get the tripple tree bearings and the shock linkage bearings. the bike looked like a mess before we painted the frame and motor and swing arm there was rust all over it. the kickshaft was broken we had to get that and the kicker itself. i meant to take a video of it b4 we did this but i forgot to.

yz 125 1991
little movie of me ... ENJOY :D * **you don't like MUSIC ? shut youtube sound off and open youre own music !***

Yz 125 87
Me on my yz 125 1987... just having some fun... Rate my video please