2005 turbo g35 vs 2008 350z

Me and my brother messing around me only running 7psi

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SSF: Battle of the 35r - Sti - S2000 - G35
Shiftslow.com films: Leonel Sti - Stock motor GT35r @26psi Meth ByRdGt35R - G35 GT35r @11psi Meth 5XXHP Godmachine - S2000 Built Motor GT35r @18psi 5XXHP

SRT-4 Zeta 2.8 vs EVO VIII 600+ HP !!
Got a new Editing Program!: Edited with Sony Vegas Pro 10 SRT-4 Mods:: zeta 2.8 .63 a/r AGP log manifold 38mm WG 3" Exhaust 4" Intake wally 255 fuel pump, AGP RC 750cc injectors Full fuel return system boomba fuel rail 62mm TB U/L hard pipe kit turbo XS BOV Godspeed BFMIC GREDDY profec II BC 180 stat DSP ACT HD Series Clutch w/ Flywheel NItto 555r 245/45/17 Drag radials Song: Saw theme

Turbo G35 coupe through tunnels (forgive the shaky vid...just listen and enjoy!)
Here is my 2005 Custom Garrett T3 60-1 turbo G35 coupe 6MT with an open wastegate, no cats,HKS BOV, HKS Hi Power Exhaust, UpRev Tuned and all supporting mods. 393whp, 352wtq @5.5lbs. Filming was done with one hand. The purpose of the vid is to just let those who havent heard my G in person experience it so forgive me for the shaky vid. More vids to come in the spring as we just had snow fall here. It was a cold night and the tires were fighting for grip! hahahaaa

G35 Turbo Kit Installation @ Forged Performance
Momentum Performance and Forged teamed up to document the installation of one of the first G35 st kits. The install was a huge success and we were excited to see such great results. http://www.momentumperformance.com/products/G35_turbo_Kit