Real Car Crash Caught on Video

By a shear stroke of luck, the one day I was testing my new camera mount on the way to work, I caught this accident on the 101 in Los Angeles. The music is Helen Island by Gayle Ellett & Todd Montgomery and is available from this site:

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Bad Drivers and Incidentals Caught on Tape June 2011
Bad drivers and other incidentals caught on my dash cam while at work in late May through June. All these are in various parts of the San Francisco Bay area. The music just the local oldies station. In the fast lane of music there are good songs and a few crappy ones.

Blatant Red Light Runners: Caught on Tape
A compilation of blatant red-light runners caught on tape. Increasing the length of the yellow light signal would not have made a difference for these reckless red-light runners. Red light safety cameras are more than twice as effective at reducing collisions (96% to 36%) than longer yellow lights. For more information, visit

Wrong-Way Crash Caught on Tape
A man driving the wrong-way down Interstate 5 freeway in California -- causing a massive pile-up but luckily causing no serious injuries. Authorities say the driver, an 83-year-old man, was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and apparently has no recollection of the crash.

Car accident October 13 2013 on I-5 freeway, Los Angeles, CA
I got involve in a car accident today this morning, a stupid Hyundai female driver stopped completely on the freeway entrance, she's not suppose to stop I think she afraid the coming long truck, but she still have a lot of space to merge, finally car behind me hit my car's rear, and the female driver just leave the scene. This accident is avoidable if the Hyundai female drive don't stop on the entrance. Such a bad day!