suzuki turbo busa hayabusa vs kawasaki zx10r w/nos

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Banshee ice racing in waterboro maine predator atc 250r kfx400
this is a nice video that a friend made back when we started to ice race in 05, we have learned alot since then !

zx10r vs gsxr 1000 dragrace
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Hayabusa ZX14 ZX10
Drag Racing Motorcyles

Turbo Hayabusa vs Turbo Hayabusa 8.1 second pass at the drag strip!
turbo Hayabusa vs turbo Hayabusa 8.1 second pass at the drag strip! Watch Mothug Doug do a burnout in the pit and lines up against a faster bike and runs almost dead even with him! Doug posts up a 8.10@171mph vs the guy in the other lane running an 8.10@181mph making a good close race. RACING BLOG: