High Centered

Sugarcreek, Ohio. Newbie bus driver attempted to boldly go where no bus had gone before. Provided a nice non-emergency training scenario for the local FD. Think what it would have cost to set up a heavy recovery exercise like this! 090725Bus

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Bus broke the bridge
the bus driver didn't stay on the reinforced part of the bridge. this was the only way in or out of the park. lots of people were stuck. we just laughed.

43 Foot Motor Home High Centered
The RV owners GPS told him to turn onto Parpala road off SR 101 . He realized right away that he shouldn't have turned . When attempting to turn around the rear of the RV got hung up on the edge of the asphalt . This is the same spot I tore the front crank off a commercial trailer last year when I tried to turn around in the same spot . Looking at the edge of the road you can see many gouges in the surface where others have meat the same fate . It was a simple tow we just put a little lift to the rear of the RV so it wasn't dragging on the motor and the owner backed up towards us .

D8 2U With Angle Blade Stockpiling
This is the recently revived second 2U that is featured in the recent onboard video. It has an angle blade, while the one that has been active for many years has a straight blade. It is working to rebuild the big pile, and is being fed by the Northwest shovel. You can never have too many 2U's! National Pike Show Brownsville PA May 2014 140518a D8 2U Angle Blade

High Centered and Stuck in the Mud
After unloading a load of tree limbs, me and dad decided to drive out to the back pasture to see how wet it really was. Apparently, it's wet enough to high-center my F250 on 35" tires. Trying to navigate out of the mud my front axle plowed into a rut, hanging the front tires in the water. Trying to reverse burried the rear axle. Dad's 2500HD on All-Terrain tires can't get the job done.