High Centered

Sugarcreek, Ohio. Newbie bus driver attempted to boldly go where no bus had gone before. Provided a nice non-emergency training scenario for the local FD. Think what it would have cost to set up a heavy recovery exercise like this! 090725Bus

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Loading a 110 Case
Loading a newly restored 110 Case onto a custom built Rogers spine trailer. Doughty Valley Show, Charm, Ohio, July 25, 2009. The weight of the engine is carried by the engine's front wheels and cribbing under the firebox. The outriggers are to stabilize it. Outriggers key into slots formed by extra bar welded onto the trailer main beams. The teamwork is impressive to watch. Video starts out a bit slow, then gets more interesting at 3:28 The engine is used to turn the steering wheels via gearing. File=Load110

東日本大震災 南三陸町伊里前湾大津波
平成23年(2011年)3月11日。東日本大震災。被災者による 映像記録。 撮影者:不明 (南加宮城県人会会長・米澤義人さんによって、全米日 系人博物館企画プロジェクト、ディスカバーニッケイへ 寄贈。) ***** Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami on March 11, 2011 Minami Sanriku-cho, Miyagi Prefecture Video recorded by a tsunami survivor

Gun Gripes Episode 21: "Glock Haters"
We aren't saying Glocks are the best, but we are trying to lay out all of the point as to why we think they are damn good guns.

Video - Compilation Fail girls chute de fille drole