Camaro ZL1 taking off on highway

Camaro zl1 taking off at highway speeds Only mod is lingenfelter cold air intake

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Camaro ZL1 Chase
Do not try this at home kids. I got in trouble for uploading this the first time around, but oh well. Round 2. Fight.

Camaro Zl1 crazy takeoff
My uncle tried to takeoff with his new Camaro, but the wheels could not stop spinning!!

Camaro ZL1 vs charger SRT-8 pro-charged!
Camaro zl1 vs charger srt 8 with pro charger...having fun. ZL1 jumps, charger jumps right after to keep up

RACE ! Camaro SS VS Ford Focus RS on the Highway ! 250km/h !
Inside the Camaro SS at 250km/h !