Camaro ZL1 taking off on highway

Camaro zl1 taking off at highway speeds Only mod is lingenfelter cold air intake

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Camaro ZL1 Chase
Do not try this at home kids. I got in trouble for uploading this the first time around, but oh well. Round 2. Fight.

Mustang GT 5.0 vs Camaro ZL1
A 450HP Mustang GT 5.0 races a 580HP Camaro ZL1 on the highway reaching speeds of 160mph. The Camaro barely beats out the Mustang despite having a 130HP advantage.

2013 Camaro Lingenfelter ZL1 - 750+ hp Burnout
A burnout done in a 2013 Camaro Lingenfelter ZL1 with 750+ hp.

ZL1 Takeoff
This is my buddy Nick Fox in his ZL1 taking off.