74 Chevy Nova Update 27 - Stripping Paint

I talk about the methods I used to strip the Nova down to bare metal. I felt the old lacquer paint from 1974 was not a good base for todays Urethane BC/CC paints.

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Striping Car Paint from Honda 600 Coupe
Stripping the body of the 1972 Honda 600 Coupe. Paint strips down to bare metal in 3 minutes with no sanding ! I used The MasterPro Refinishing Automotive Paint Stripper from Kragen/O'Reilly

How to strip paint with aircraft remover
How to strip paint with aircraft remover. im using aircraft remover to strip my hood on my 79 z28. if you plan on doing this buy alot of stripper, the more the merrier.

How to Use Paint Stripper
Like us on FB - https://www.facebook.com/pages/RefinishNetwork/130126840847?ref=hl A chemical paint stripper removing the paint from a hood. A look at a few different products, Pro-Form and Dominion. This is used when paint film is compromised and needs removed. Find us @ http://www.refinishnetwork.com on Facebook http://goo.gl/RaFEjr Twitter https://twitter.com/refinishnetwork YT Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/jimmo4life Other Great Video's to Check Out: How to Choose Primer - http://goo.gl/JW7oUN Blending Silver Paint - http://goo.gl/fqMoe5 Refinish Network Auto Body Repair Video's have been created for both professional automotive painters seeking information and enthusiasts looking for how to paint a car yourself, carry out minor repairs and general interest in automotive repair and vehicle painting.

How to use Automotive paint stripper
After 30 years of doing this kind of work,this way works the best for me.......