Ford Model A 4 banger

Ford Model A 4 banger. Winfield modified motor. Winfield 8.5:1 alloy head, Winfield full race cam, twin Holley 94's, fully adjustable Mallory distributor, standard bottom end

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Three 97's on an A ford 4 banger

flathead 4 first start up
Rebuilt hopped up 4 banger flat head first start

Weber 46 IDA on a four-banger
Been working on it over the winter and finally got the chance to try and start it today. Just need to get it to a Dyno now to get it set up properly.

My Ford29 Roadster fourbanger hotrod 2
This is a 29 Ford roadster with Winfield head (6.2 : 1 compresion), Ansen intake, Red`s Head headers and a 97 Stromberg carb. Everything else is stock. Drives and sounds great - unfortunately not street leagal in Switzerland, but great fun on the track ;-) see part 1! cu out there Stroker