Ben blowing his turbo

Ben blowing his gt28rs turbo. and still wins

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kurt walks some pos slowbalt
audi a4- custom gt28rs setup 14psi slowbalt ss- 11 psi supercharged

my wife blowing a turbo on her truck
my wife blowing a turbo on her truck and us having to drive 10 miles to a shop

Stuntin the Honda F4 -and- Kart V.S. Audi with GT28rs turbo
The much better eddited version of the previous one. This is my new neighborhood, i met my neighbor because he heard my gocart, then he breaks out his Honda f4, and walks it down our street. Shit was nuts

Gary Pope's BLO402 VX blowing his turbo
Check out our website Gary Pope's BLO402 VX commodore on the Dyno at Vic Supercruz blowing his turbo after making over 1500hp!! To download this clip and many other awesome motorsport videos go to the home of horsepower at