MontanHydraulik Reparatur

English Version here: Reparatur des 44 Tonnen schweren Lenk-Hydraulikzylinders eines RheinBraun Schaufelradbaggers durch Montan-Hydraulik Reparatur & Service GmbH Dortmund.

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Monsterreifen: Reifen XXL - Welt der Wunder
Sie haben einen Durchmesser von 4 Metern, sind fast 6 Tonnen schwer und etwa 40.000 Euro teuer: Monsterreifen für riesige LKWs oder Bagger kommen auch in schwierigstem Gelände zurecht. Welt der Wunder zeigt, was die schwarzen Gummi-Giganten aushalten müssen, wie sie erneuert werden und warum sie nass viel empfindlicher gegen Schnittverletzungen sind... Weitere Videos aus der Rubrik "Technik & Weltraum": ___________________ Welt der Wunder TV sendet auf ASTRA 19,2° Ost, Entertain (Kanal 89), Zattoo & im Live Stream über die Welt der Wunder TV Apps für iPhone, iPad, Android (, Smart TV sowie Links: Abonniert unseren YouTube Channel: Klickt „Gefällt mir" bei Facebook: Entdeckt Welt der Wunder: Mehr Videos findet Ihr in der Wissensthek: Folgt uns bei Twitter:

355-foot 700 Ton Ship Flips
More great Ship Videos: Top 10 Shipwrecks Great Ship Websites: RV FLIP (FLoating Instrument Platform) is an open ocean research vessel owned by the Office of Naval Research and operated by the Marine Physical Laboratory of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.The ship is a 355 feet (108 meters) long vessel designed to partially flood and pitch backward 90 degrees, resulting in only the front 55 feet (17 meters) of the vessel pointing up out of the water, with bulkheads becoming decks. When flipped, most of the buoyancy for the platform is provided by water at depths below the influence of surface waves, hence FLIP is a stable platform mostly immune to wave action, like a spar buoy. At the end of a mission, compressed air is pumped into the ballast tanks in the flooded section and the vessel returns to its horizontal position so it can be towed to a new location.The ship is frequently mistaken for a capsized ocean transport ship FLIP is designed to study wave height, acoustic signals, water temperature and density, and for the collection of meteorological data. Because of the potential interference with the acoustic instruments, FLIP has no engines or other means of propulsion. It must be towed to open water, where it drifts freely or is anchored. In tow, FLIP can reach speeds of 7--10 knots. FLIP weighs 700 long tons (711 tonnes) and carries a crew of five, plus up to eleven scientists. It is capable of operating independently during month-long missions without resupply,being able to operate worldwide but the normal area is the west coast of the United States. The vessel operates out of a home base at the Scripps Nimitz Marine Facility in San Diego, California. Helpful links; Famous Ships Types Of Ships Ships For Sale Ship Names Ships Urban Dictionary Shps Ship Games Ships Tumblr Helpful hashtags; #FamousShips #TypesOfShips #ShipsForSale #ShipNames #ShipsUrbanDictionary #Shps #ShipGames #ShipsTumblr

Wartsila in the Netherlands

Pneumatic puncher IP4605
Pneumatic puncher IP4605