450hp STi vs the world

Rode with a friend last week in his 450hp STi and we raced everything we could have fun with: 430hp Evo 9 - e85, stock turbo ~550hp 2011 GT500 Shelby 460hp Terminator swapped fox body ~500hp 3Dx Evo X A WRX and a Z06 as well Quite the night! :) Oh... the anti-lag DOES work, damn.

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600HP 10 Second STi - Mopping up on the Street!
The little Subaru that could... this 600hp STi is a street monster that is hard to take down due to its insane launches, watch it take down some really fast cars on the street and putting down some quick passes at the track in Texas at TX2K13

The 800HP Subaru STi
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WRX Sti (570 HP, 573 TQ) Tuned by Topspeed
2004 WRX Sti with over 12K in mods. Tuned by Top Speed of Atlanta GA, Dyno run @ 454 HP and 457 TQ. Mods include 850cc injectors, Hi Flow Fuel Pump, Perrin FMIC, methanol injection, Garrett Tubo (26psi), Perrin Boost controler, full tubo back exahust (catless), uppipe, downpipe, cold air intake, Perrin blow off valve Cobb Access Port piggyback ECU and track tuned suspension. This is my third WRX, I purchased this car with the mods and tune done. I know there is more but this is all I know. The car ran an 11.2 QM and reaches 60 mph in aprox 3.2 seconds. My 65 year old uncle who has raced cars his whole life and owns multiple 600+ HP cars one of which is a wheelies Kit car with a blown 454 producing 650 WHP took a ride in this Subie and said after the ride that it was the fastest car he had ever driven. I am sure he has had a few 10 second cars or even high 9 sec. He said it was the fastest car he had driven but I doubt it. I would say that it is the fastest 0-100 he had ever driven. Old dudes have no idea what horse power can do in combination with AWD. He was blown away. I just got the car last month and have already raced a new Z06 Vette from a 2nd gear roll and pulled 5 links on him to 145 MPH.

7 Awesome Cars For Broke Car-Guys!!
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