Professional results from a spray can. The right way

I showed you how to roll it on, now I show you how to spray it on. I'm not sure who did the music, as soon as I find out I will update this.

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50 dollar rustoleum paint job
I found a few videos of people painting cars with rustoleum using paint rollers. I just had to try it!!! Gotta say, not bad for 22 dollars worth of materials.

Rustoleum Paint Job

How To Use Spray Can for Professional Paint Job thats easy and awesome!
How To Use Spray Can For Professional Paint Job thats easy and awesome. When you wanted to paint with a spray can and have it look professional this video is for you!. I first start with A Deglosser to dull the paint and get it ready for yo to spray with spray-can. Paint Deglosser prepares dirty or glossy surfaces for new paint or finish. It eliminates the need for sanding and cleans surfaces to minimize chipping, cracking and peeling between old and new finishes.Works on latex or oil-base paints, enamels, varnishes and other finishes Saves time & mess—easier than sanding Increases adhesion. Helps new paint bond to old finishes Cleans and removes dirt, stains, grease & wax make sure to read directions on all products you use. Have lots of clean cool water on hand because after every sanding you need to wipe it clean. That way the spray-can paint will stick and have a smooth finish. Start with 600 grit sand paper and work your way up to 3000 grit paper.Sand in small circular movements. Making sure to keep surface and sand paper wet. Next tape off all unwanted surfaces you do not want the spray-can paint to be painted.

How to Paint Cars with Aerosol Spray Cans
A bodyshop grade repair accomplished using aerosol spray cans. Using 2K aerosol paint cans you can spray activated products that will provide a great finish that will last for years to come. Products used - ans/ Instagram - Find us @ on Facebook Twitter YT Channel Other Great Video's to Check Out: How to Choose Primer - Blending Silver Paint - Refinish Network Auto Body Repair Video's have been created for both professional automotive painters seeking information and enthusiasts looking for how to paint a car yourself, carry out minor repairs and general interest in automotive repair and vehicle painting.