Madness runs a 4.81 in TnT @ Marble Falls

If this had been during the event instead of test n tune we'd have reset our et record to the backup run of 4.84.

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"Spirit of Texas" 8000hp 260mph Drag-boat
Tapped at Lakefest in Marble Falls Texas More about Lakefest at The Spirit of Texas was at Lakefest in Marble Falls Texas. Spirit is a Top Fuel Hydro with 8000hp and goes 0to260mph in less then 5seconds. More about Spirit here Lucas Oil Drag Boats Marble Falls Texas Lakefest Music (admiralbob77_-_Two_Guitars)

Ron Braaksma Madness 1993 drag boat, top fuel hydro, IHBA

Drag Boat Racing Crash Compilation. Аварии Сверхскоростных Катеров
Dangerous race on a high-speed boats sometimes lead to devastating consequences. Compilation of wrecks of speed boats on the water. Опасные гонки на сверхскоростных катерах иногда приводят к разрушительным последствиям. Подборка крушений скоростных лодок на воде.

drag boat racing...eddie hill and tim morgan...a classic !
"the thrill" vs "flying machine"... from what lake... anybody out there know... please comment .