4AGE 20V & 4AGZE Supercharged Dyno Shootout

This video is a compilation of 4AGE 20V and 4AGZE during a Dyno shootout on Dyno Dynamics machine. All three of the 20Vs that were on the video made between 137-155whp max. The GZE was having some issues with the rev limiter but still managed to pump out about 150whp at 6000rpm.

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Biggest Dyno Fails
This is a video of the best Biggest Dyno Fails! What one do you think was the Worst???

4A-GZTE Test run. (520hp/536nm... 2.35bar)
Pictures 2012 project this car ! http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v471/pietruska/KIMI%20Corolla%20GT%20AE86 / Twincharged Toyota engine test run. Rotrex & Holset HX 40. Hestec & M&W ignition. 1/4mile E.T 11,38s/203km/h (24.5-08 Pori wcsc) New ET drive today 21.9-08 in Alastaro. 11,03s/208,13km/h 2,2bar Boost Pictures 2012 project this car ! http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v471/pietruska/KIMI%20Corolla%20GT%20AE86 /

The Sound of ITB's, 4AGE Blacktop 20V
If you want to see more, with down shifts, Driving through mountain road with trumpet view: https://youtu.be/F6y-sc9hWp0 Not to many good audio examples of this amazing engine on the tubes. 20 valves make a hell of a sound and is something special. Engine was transplanted into a Toyota Corolla FX16 GTS

4A-GE vs B16 Battle! Touge and acceleration tests
UPDATE ON B16: A compression check was done and it was a solid 200psi on each cylinder. The smoke appears to be from leaky valve seals. ***NOTE: Battle starts at 1:36*** Battle of the two best 1.6 engines that rev past 8k rpms. Both cars were lightly tuned and well matched. The classic match up of 4a-ge vs b16! All Music Used Under Creative Commons License: The Insider - Time to Move and Motivate Lee Rosevere - Neon Skies D SMILEZ - The Final Battle Tron Style Remain Acid Alert Remixes Remain - Acid Harmonic Defiance - Everything Is Love