BMW E46 330d on max speed ( unplugged ) :-)

The result of a discussion, how fast a series E46 330d can go. The car reached a speed of 256 (GPS ). One can see on the consumption indicator, that the car is limited to 250km/h ( +x ). The steering unit stops the supply of diesel.

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BMW e46 330d vs 330cd

Bmw 330d
330d, 2001, e46, 135 KW.

BMW e46 330d acceleration 0-100km/h and 80-120km/h
Acceleration 0:12 BMW 330d (2001), 135 KW / 390 NM, automatic transmission. 2 people onboard.

Hidden features of the BMW e46
5 hidden features/function of the BMW e46 PART 2 Of BMW Hidden Features: Don't forget to like comment and subscribe for more car and BMW related content as well as diys.