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Alexei Sayle Ullo John Gotta New Motor

Ken Block and the Stig hooning at Top Gear Magazine Australia cover shoot [HD]
Ken Block and the Stig hoon it up in a 2011 Ford Falcon FPV GT-P during the cover shoot for the November 2011 issue of Top Gear Magazine Australia.

Top Gear Australia application- Nick Latham
One of the quality applications to host Top Gear Australia. Nick Latham reviews the new Holden VE SS Commodore

Gold Coast Indy Car street circuit drive-around 1991
Pre-race lap of the Gold Coast Indy track, prior to the inaugural event in 1991. Location is Surfers Paradise and Main Beach, Queensland, Australia (incidentally, the street circuit no longer goes this far south). This was the week before the race, which was held on 17 March 1991. Shot by Keith Fischmann (Mr. GTHO) & Michael Carabetta from a 1963 Buick Electra. Special fuckings go out to Sony, who have slapped a copyright infringement on this video, because a song of theirs is playing on the car radio during the original recording. I'm reasonably certain that... A) That would come under fair use in Australia, as it's a public broadcast. B) Sony have already made all the money they're going to make from the broadcast involved. C) The radio station involved has already paid Sony the relevant fees for copyright. Also fuckings to Youtube, who provide absolutely no recourse to the user when an invalid copyright claim is made.