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Top Gear Ford Transit VS Holden Maloo Pickup
Ford Transit VS Holden Maloo Pickup. 1 mile dragracing, Top Gear S 16 E 2

Pauline Pantsdown - I Don't Like It
One Nation is again a force to be reckoned with... No really!

The Chaser's War On Everything: Famous Australian Landmarks?
There's been a lot of money spent on Australian tourism. Why not just pass off other famous landmarks as our own? Would the average American even be able to tell the difference? Charles Firth investigates....

Keith Fischmann's XY Falcon GT-HO Phase 3
Keith Fischmann owned quite a number of XY GT-HO Phase 3 Falcons, in fact he still does. They were all driven, not mothballed, until a few years ago anyway. He was always a favourite at the Valla Park burnout comp each year. This is us getting home from a Falcon GT Owner's Club Gold Coast run one day. :)