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Paul Hogan Show - At The Beach
A few short sketches from the Paul Hogan Show of the 70's... Rough as it all seems 30 years later, he was a lot funnier back then. Leo Wanker was my hero and all Aussie males lusted after Delvene Delaney! :-)

Top Gear - Australia vs UK | Part 1
NOTE: Part 2 has been taken down -- Top Gear UK versus Top Gear Australia

Keith Fischmann's XY Falcon GT-HO Phase 3
Keith Fischmann owned quite a number of XY GT-HO Phase 3 Falcons, in fact he still does. They were all driven, not mothballed, until a few years ago anyway. He was always a favourite at the Valla Park burnout comp each year. This is us getting home from a Falcon GT Owner's Club Gold Coast run one day. :)

Alexei Sayle Ullo John Gotta New Motor