ST205 Engine Rebuild Montage + Vid

Just a quick video of the work that went into rebuilding my engine after Piston Ringland Failure in October 2009. Job finished on December 2009

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Toyota Celica GT Four ST 205 for sale - here engine room
This movie is for customer to see how is the condition of the engine room of this Celica

st205 gt4 first start after forged rebuild
st205 gt4 first start up after full forged ported and polished and balanced rebuild

New Engine Build by MB Tech Motorsports Reading - Celica GT4 ST205
After running into coolant pressurisation issues during first mapping it was clear something wasnt quite right with the car. Seems Incorrect fitment of the Head by the previous owner/tuning company lead to a leak in the Head gasket over cylinder 2. Some ovalisation of the bore also occured (not sure what came first however), and not wanting to rebore any further means that block was now scrap metal. After meeting Marius at MB Tech Motorsports and evaluating the best way forward to gain best power and reliability the decision was made to fully rebuild the engine using a later Revision 4 3SGTE Block from the Caldina ST215. Having just received the brand new 86mm Forged CP Pistons all parts are now ready for reassembly. We do believe that this will be one of the very first GT4's in the UK to be using a REV 4 Caldina Block. Now you know why there hasnt been that many new videos to date :(

Toyota Celica GT4 (610 bhp)
My ST205 aka 'Sonic' on the rolling road at a Skyline owners club meet. 610bhp at the flywheel. Thanks to TheGTRskyline for the video.