ST205 Engine Rebuild Montage + Vid

Just a quick video of the work that went into rebuilding my engine after Piston Ringland Failure in October 2009. Job finished on December 2009

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Toyota Celica GT Four ST 205 for sale - here engine room
This movie is for customer to see how is the condition of the engine room of this Celica

st205 gt4 first start after forged rebuild
st205 gt4 first start up after full forged ported and polished and balanced rebuild

Toyota Celica GT4 (610 bhp)
My ST205 aka 'Sonic' on the rolling road at a Skyline owners club meet. 610bhp at the flywheel. Thanks to TheGTRskyline for the video.

Celica GT4 ST205 Forged Engine Rebuild Running issue
Fresh forged engine rebuild, Cam timing spot on, Ignition timing spot on, No vacuum leaks, Recent new Dizzy cap, Recent new rotor arm, Recent new HT Leads, Recent new fuel filter, Fresh petrol. Engine stutters as soon as throttle is applied, dies half the time or stalls when coming back down from revs. omce holding an engine rev, the engine does not keep a flat rate but fluctuates up & down roughly 100rpm. IGNORE THE RATTLING NOISE - I have a big rattly fan turned on behind the car blowing the Exhaust gases out of my garage.