From the movie Duel (1971)

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Duel 2000 Part 3 com­e­dy Spoof Re­make based on Steven Spiel­berg 1st film Du­el
Clip 3 of 5 This is A com­e­dy -​ Spoof -​ Re­make based on Steven Spiel­berg's 1st film Du­el "1971", By the way there was 100% no Cpu was used for edit­ing or to make any of the SFX. It was made with 1-​3 Sony Hi-​8 cam­eras, 1 Sony HI-​8 Edit­ing Vcr and A Video Efx Mix­er. The film was made in the hills around the San­ta Clari­ta Val­ley Area in South­ern Ca, Near La. It took about 2 years to make, Apx Feb 1997 to March 1999. Made By me and my friends for fun. This movie was nev­er sold any­where. It start­ed out as A "short" spoof joke film. The movie end­ed up be­ing A lot more than that, en­joy! Hbvideos Cooldisneylandvideos

The Duel Peterbilt Truck and Plymouth car chase and crash
In November of 2009 we purchased the surviving Peterbilt truck and Tank Trailer from the 1971 Film "DUEL" The truck was built for the extension of the film in 1974 and was a stand by truck for Universal to use in the film. We plan on making some more films of this truck and we also have just purchased a Plymouth Valiant to go with the truck! Stay Tuned!!

trucker revenge
My tribute to truckers who after a hard day on the road dealing with bad drivers, annoying four wheelers, BS scales, screwed dispatches would so love to just be able to do what hollywood shows trucks doing. Movies used: Joy Ride Convoy Black Dog Duel Final Destination 2 Jeepers Creepers Terminator 2 Death Race Maximum Overdrive Smokey and the Bandit

Convoy 1978 - My favourite scene
Hey guys good news for you all I registered free with a work from home site on new year offer you can also register free http://mtisinternational.org . Discount code : MNY2014INT Hello guys well I thought I should share one of my favourite scenes from all our's favourite movie Convoy so enjoy :D