1963 Chrysler New Yorker 413 dusting the neighbors

My little bro' kick'n dust in granny's field. http://www.ravasity.biz

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Total Eclipse 2017 / RPS Hawk 250
Best I could do as I misplaced my lenses filters.. Sorry, enjoy... The 'Hawk' & I were able to spend this extraordinary occasion together, that's what matters most! Camera: Nikon Coolpix B500 - http://amzn.to/2v0Rc3x RJ’s Random GIVEAWAY- http://giveaway.420stoner.ninja/ *Hawk & I* We are here alone together, Hawk just you and I - So filled with awe, we don't even speak - Just staring towards the sky - All at once the sun shimmers and fades - For an instant brighter than before - The shadowy moon has taken it's place - The sun doesn't shine anymore - For but a moment time seems to stop - Just the two of us in the dark - Hawk you and I upon this mountain top - Out of nowhere the shadows are lit like sparks - The moon moves away and the sunshine it glows - as though the moon were never there - Oh Hawk my friend, my admiration for you grows - No need for wonder, Hawk, Oh Hawk, I know that you care - A single dance in passing, eclipse of sun and moon - Could we fade from each other, as they have this day - I know we won't be forever, I hope we won't part soon - Oh Hawk, Oh Hawk, I know we'll find our way... - RJ (Was gonna sing through the vid, decided to spare you all) *this time - ;) Also another done this & I didn't want to copycat...

1963 Chrysler New Yorker
1963 Chrysler New Yorker When you here people referring to a classic as a survivor car this beautiful 1963 Chrysler New Yorker is exactly the type of automobile they are talking about. This unrestored gem has only 59,000 original miles and is still in great shape. All of the factory components are in place and this classic had a lot of options from the factory. The exterior is coated White and is accented with nice stainless trim pieces. The gold New Yorker emblems are mounted to each front fender and contrast the White well. Chrome bumpers are in front and rear with both having a great shine. All of the glass is in good shape and have a nice tint. Dual headlights are in place up front and very unique tail lights in rear all of which are working properly. The car has a great stance and currently sits on its original wheels and hubcaps with thin white wall tires. Under the hood is a 413 V8 that runs very smoothly and offers plenty of power. It starts up with ease and transfers power back to the 3 speed automatic push button transmission. The car is a really good driver and moves down the road with no problems. It stops well, has a good ride and a good sound. The interior of the car is a Brown and Grey color combination and is in good shape. The dash on the car is very unique and will send you back in time. The steering wheel has almost a squared off look which is very cool. All of the original gauges are working properly with the only thing not working on the whole car being the clock. Even the original AM radio works! The car came from the factory with power windows and power seats which are cool luxury items to have in place especially with the car being from the 60's! The trunk of the car has plenty of storage space and houses the original spare wheel and jack. You rarely ever see this type of car out on the streets so this New Yorker is sure to get a ton of attention. People love looking at unique cars they have never seen so it is always a hit at car shows. Come look at this classic while it's still around! check it out at Classical Gas Enterprises (682) 429-1010 www.classicalgasmotors.com and remember "There's A Future In The Past With Classical Gas"

1963 Chrysler New Yorker Salon Edition 4 door Hardtop Beige
All the deluxe features that Chrysler could load into a car, including cruise control and air conditioning. The salon edition probably included that three quarter vinyl top plus all those goodies. Lots of chrome and stainless trim! Only 593 were built, and the price was an expensive $5860. Chrysler was really establishing a level of luxury with this model!

Onondaga Dragway
The Bird is The WORD @ Onondaga Dragway with 1963 Chrysler New Yorker