How to put two 10's in your Colorado crew cab

Just a little vid to help my man Efrain out and all those who want to put subs in your crew cab, truck is a little messy! Sorry!

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08 Chevy Colorado Crew Cab, Subs
Pioneer Premier Head unit 2 RF punch 3 shallow Subs 500w RF amp Tsunami Cap (In glove box) Alpine Type R Speakers and tweaters Custom built dual 10 in sub enclosure Amp is mouted in between passenger and driver for the moment because the demensions were wrong and it wouldnt fit behind the seat or under the driver or passenger seats.***READ**** THE SUB BOX IS PULLED OUT FROM UNDER THE SEATS IT IS NORMALLY UNDERNEATH THE SEAT! I pulled it out so you guys could see the subs excursion... But besides that thanks for watching comment and subscribe

Chevy Colorado System test
Just a test of my speakers with 2 diferent amps first with 350.4 kicker amp powering 2 10 inch kicker competitions and 2 6by9 pioneer 3way speakers second 750.1 kicker amp just powering the 2 10s thinkin about upgrading to a single kicker 12 in L7 powered by the 750.1 and 2 kicker 6 in ks with the pioneer 6by9 powered by the 350.4

DB DRIVE 8 10" subwoofers in wall in CHEVY COLORADO
Apparently the new iphone 4s microphone just cant handle the heat. Sorry for all the scratchiness but it obviously doesnt sound like that in person. What your watching here is 8 10" subwoofers in 13 Cubic ft box tuned at 39 hertz. 2 db amps pushing around 4k. Also the flex in the windshield and everywhere else isnt really shown in the video. I dont know whether the camera is too slow and cant pick it up. But it is 8 10's.

4 re audio sex 10's in chevy colorado crew cab 2
08 chevy colorado, 4 re audio sex 10's on 2600w rms. 5 cu ft enclosure tuned to 34 hz