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bmw drive party


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Moggah's Bmw M5 Turbo 913whp

(325ix e30) 324TDX - drive to hell - deth.wmv

watch that video... bmw 7 are strong car, meybe strongest in the world... but speed is winer... if you have tank, speed is winer... you drive bmw 7 for styl not for speed... if you need speed, take sport car end go to place for that... but this video in not for you, but for bmw 7 series... R.I.P all crahses bmw cars... its stil not only car... you have gratis picture in the end of this video... car in my styl... BMW e65 760li V12 INDIVIDUAL...

E32 new straight pipes

BMW 735i E32 1990 acceleration 80-200 km/h @ dutch highway
BMW 735i van 1990 accelererend van 80 naar 200 km/u in 4e en 5e versnelling, handgeschakeld. Alleen al door het 6-cilinder geluid de moeite van het kijken waard! BMW 735i of 1990 accelerating from 80 to 220 km/h in 4th and 5th gear, manual. Only for the sound of the 6-cylinder engine worth to watch it! 90er BMW 735i beschleunigt nach Tempo 200 aus 80 im 4. und 5. Gang, Handschalter. Nur der Sound ist das anschauen (und hören) schon wert! BMW, Freude am Fahren :) Technische gegevens Daten technical specifications: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Reihensechser 6-in-lijn straight six - 3430cc Hubraum cilinderinhoud cubic inches - Hinterradantrieb achterwielaandrijving RWD - max. Vermögen vermogen power: 155 kW (211 pk) @ 5800tpm - max. Drehmoment koppel torque: 305 Nm @ 4500tpm - Höchstgeschwindigkeit topsnelheid topspeed: 230 km/h - Beschleuniging acceleratie acceleration: 0-100 km/h 8,3 Sekunden seconden seconds - Kraftstoffverbrauch durchschnittlich brandstofverbruik gemiddeld avarage fuelconsumption: 11,4 l/100km 1 op 8,8 Euro95 Benzin - Übersetzungsverhältnisse overbrengingsverhoudingen gear ratio's: 1e versnelling Ersten Gang 1st gear: 3,83:1 2e versnelling Zweiten Gang 2nd gear: 2,20:1 3e versnelling Dritten Gang 3rd gear: 1,40:1 4e versnelling Vierten Gang 4th gear: 1,00:1 5e versnelling fünften Gang 5th gear: 0,81:1 - Drehzahl bei 120km/h toerental bij 120 km/u: 2.750 tpm

BMW 750il E32 Biturbo Part 3
BMW 750il E32 Biturbo 550 hp Part 3

BMW e32 750i V12 Autobahn 50-250KmH 300PS acceleration Beschleunigung must see BERG-AUF

1993 BMW 740i, featuring Kacey
The BMW 740i was in storage at the Luke house in Arizona. Kacey took it for a road test, and showed off his driving skills. These cars are so easy to drive; you just float down the road. One time Tyler and Josh got it impounded when they illegally parked it.

Pitbull BMW E34 535 Turbo

Audi S4 2.2T 20V vs. BMW 750i

BMW 328 vs FORD RS


BMW 750i V12 e38 SOUND!!!!!
BMW 750i V12 e38 SOUND!!!!!

www.Franik-Performance.de CRAZY BMW M5 PLAYING WITH PORSCHE turbo, AUDI R8, COOPER S, FERRARI F430 on Highway GUMBALL 3000

740i vs 328i

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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